June 29, 2007
Our Internet Service
... has been interrupted once again ... the transmitter (which was just replaced 2 weeks ago is out again!) {triple sigh}

Its Friday and it will probably be Monday before I can get back online. Have a good weekend!


June 27, 2007
Thankful Thursday -- Blessings!
First, my apologies for not visiting these past couple of weeks-- its been crazy at work. I do have two days off next week -- although we are having a 4Th of July BBQ and I have much to catch up on at my house! Ugh!

First and foremost, I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ. His supreme sacrifice for us. He has the whole world in His hands -- and has a perfect plan for our lives. It's kind of humbling, to say the least.

I am especially thankful for my husband -- for putting up with me some days, and he never complains about what he is fed, or in some cases not fed. I've heard horror stories about husbands that complain about food -- he's never done this. A couple of times, he has said It's okay, but ... and that is in 20 years of marriage!

I appreciate him taking care of and supporting our family -- even when the pain in his feet was horrendous, he still went out there and walked the streets delivering mail. My father, who is now gone, did not do this -- and I struggle with a husband/father who doesn't take care of his family or children. So, I am thankful for him -- for the little things as well as the big.

I am thankful that Rowdy and Mysti have a new home. I'll share what I learned from her injury another day. God had it all in His plan.

I am thankful my brother, still has a job this week! Amen! Still believing the Lord for his salvation and an apartment!

I am thankful for the Lord for helping us financially these past 2 months while my husband was off work from his surgery. I was stressed about making sure everything was paid -- and somehow its been happening. We have had to sell a few things -- but we needed to sell them anyway! God gets all the glory for it.

I am thankful that the Lord lead us to a good car for our son, Josh.

I am thankful my husband was able to fix the roof -- just in time for the rain, which hasn't stopped in over 12 hours!

We were blessed with a treadmill, its older, but it works and it was free! Also, our freezer had been acting up in the summer last year, not keeping things frozen, and we were blessed with a chest freezer. Its huge! We are keeping it in the barn for emergencies. We had to throw away (waste!) so much food last year.

I am thankful for the preached word of God -- I have been praying about certain situations and the answers have been coming from the pulpit. Pray that we take these words to heart and do them!

And as always, I am thankful for this community of bloggers who are an encouragement to me.

Visit Sting my heart for more Thankful Thursday praises -- plus she is having a cool purse giveaway! You can enter here.


June 26, 2007
While I have a sadness in my heart due to the departure of our horses -- there abides a greater peace -- really knowing that they are safe, well, and have caring, new owners.

They will be well taken care of.
For that, I am so, very, very, thankful. It's all due to the Lord. He did it all, and her injury and everything happened was perfectly in His plan. Looking back we see this, although we tried to do it our way -- but He knew the best way, even if Mysti did have to get hurt.
I still believe she will be 100%.

They had taken Rowdy home about 2 weeks ago but due to the weight of the trailer, they could not take both. Poor Mysti was beside herself when that trailer drove down the road with her beloved Rowdy. They had been together since about 1998/99. That's a long time. She ran from one end of the field to the other over and over again. When she heard a car she ran back down to the road to see if it was Rowdy.

She has been kind of mopey, we had put her in the back field, but I asked my husband to put her back in the front with the goats on Saturday. She wasn't eating, and she looked miserable. Can you not relate?
Sunday afternoon, the new owners drove the trailer in. I thought for sure that she would kick up a fuss. Not a chance! This girl was hiding! I guess she figured, they took Rowdy away and didn't bring him back, I am NOT going out there. LOL!

She actually was a little resistant to loading, and has always been easy to load in the trailer. Not this time!

Tom called but we were at church, so we missed his call. When he took Rowdy, I think my husband called him 3 times and they only live about an hour away. He knew we were worried and wondering how everything went. It was so nice of him to do that. He left a message, saying to give him a call back, that he had to tell us about their reunion -- it was awesome! He said, we had to hear what happened!

Needless to say, I was very impatient and we didn't end up finding out until this morning!

I've not seen the Chariots of Fire movie -- but he said to picture that in your mind. They have 7 acres and Rowdy and their other horse were at the back of the pasture. They noticed the trailer pull up and were looking across the field watching. A trailer usually means work to a horse! They put Mysti in the gate -- and I guess that is when they both knew who the other was?

He said they ran at top speed to each other across the field and met each other nose to nose. With tails up, ears flickering and noses together, just breathing in the scent of a long departed friend. He said they stayed together like that for the longest time. Just being close and enjoying the presence of each other.

He wished he had his camera or video camera! How I wish I was there to see it! I had wanted to follow them home but since we had church that evening, my place was with the Lord. He had his hand on the whole situation in the first place.

I sit here, with tears streaming down my face. They will be missed -- its just not the same around our home right now -- but -- I so wanted a good home for them and the Lord heard my simple prayer.

His grace is sufficient.

Thanks so very much for your prayers.

My prayer is that you will be blessed in return ...

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June 24, 2007
Have you rated your blog?

Online Dating

To be honest, I actually wondered what it would rate, since missionary gave Merchant Ships a PG! I had the word dead, twice (well 3x now!) and bre*st once. Probably referring to the chicken kind! LOL! Too silly.


June 21, 2007
Please pray for Matthew Isaac
While I don't have a large family - I do visit Kim Brenneman's web site and blog. Lots of wonderful ideas that you can really use for any size family.

Read about their new little miracle -- he had a twin, which miscarried in March and he is a fighter. He was born this past Sunday -- at 26 weeks gestation. He's a little over 2 lbs and is amazingly doing okay. She posted a photo of him today since she was able to hold him for the very first time. He is so very tiny -- please pray for his continued good health and growth, but Kim and Matt are separated from their other children. You can read about it here.


Thankful Thursday -- Blessings Amidst the Sadness!
I have again, been a non-existent blogger this week. I am going to admit in all honestly, that my job has been a little overwhelming, and while I would like to complain, how my co-worker left me with everything to do, I won't! {grin}
First and foremost, I am thankful for the Lord Jesus -- for choosing me -- and dealing with me, so that I might follow after Him. We are so blessed!
There have been a few trials this week -- but God is still on the throne in the midst of the sadness of this life. His peace surpasses all understanding.
My husband's baby guineas were killed -- it saddened him after the love and care he put into them, and this morning a baby goat was found dead. My poor husband -- we are not sure what happened, anyone a goat expert? We have some questions. Please email me, or if you know of any good books -- sites -- please let us know. He was such a pretty baby too. He was only 3 weeks old. I'm thankful for the peace and comfort of the Lord -- it would be so overwhelming with our animals lately.
I'm thankful for the hand of protection on our family -- so very, very thankful.
I'm thankful my brother found a job. He does good work -- he told the woman who owns the company, that he would work this week for the $10 an hour she offered to show her what he can do, but he needs $15.00. Trusting and believing God she will give him that! (and an apartment shortly down the line!)
I am thankful for good health -- and the healing power of the Lord.
I am thankful for the free cycle community and free offers on Craig's List that have blessed our household lately -- poles for an outside wash line, fencing, more firewood, trash cans, and a contractor shop vac.
And as always, I am thankful for this community of bloggers who are an encouragement to me.
Visit Sting my heart for more Thankful Thursday praises.


June 16, 2007
Meet Our Resident Goat Herder
I've posted photos of some of our goats before --we have gained a couple since then, and 2 of them pesky critters got out of the fence. We never had that problem with Cowboy and Sam.

We wondered why they were making a racket out there, and Sarai came home, and said "Did you know the goats were out?" "Uh ... no!" Remember that old saying, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? That is alive and well in the lives of some of our goats!

My husband isn't supposed to be running or anything on his foot, since his surgery -- so Stephen, Sarai and I went to the barn to try and corral them. Needless to say ... it did not work!

I opened the gate wide, and then our resident (unbeknown to us!) miniature goat herder started chasing them in, as if she had done that her entire life. {grin} So, now in addition to Chipper, we have another cow/goat dog.

She actually LOVES to chase the cats around the yard too -- just for fun, it seems. And they run like crazy to get away from her. It is hilarious watching them, we have our own entertainment!

Can you see her chasing them? She went back later to chase them off. She is behind the white ones.

My husband obtained a couple of Boer goats -- and I have to say that these are destructive!

Cowboy and Sam must be an exception or something -- because they never did this! There used to be leaves at the bottom ... and for some reason this goat (who does not have a name, because she is not a pet) likes to hang out in the middle of it.

Here are a few more photos of life outside our house ...

One of hubby's baby guineas -- only 2 survived his care ...

Rowdy ... I sure do miss him. Although probably not as much as Mysti though. She is still pining for him -- supposed to come on the 25th for her. Pray all goes well with that!

Here is our current lonely lady ...I think the goats help, so I am thankful for them.


June 15, 2007
Light Smoothie/Frozen Drink Recipes
Lots of yummy drink recipes, courtesty of Hungry Girl posted on here. Yum!
Plus you can make them at a fraction of the cost!


Sad Day for us!
Today, our International Students graduated after a very tough year long course. Some earned Masters Degrees as well -- some came to the US and learned English and then plunged right into some difficult studies in military training/operations.

Many have been away from families for 16+ months! It was sad to see them go -- so many of them are just so ... awesome! Many hugs and a few tears went around.

But while we are sad -- their families are filled with the joy of their homecoming! I've gained some forever friends, I know that if I ever am blessed enough to visit their countries -- a welcome mat will be waiting my arrival, and should they ever need something, they all know that they only need to ask.

My heart is heavy, but I am blessed for knowing some of the best military officers in countries around the world! Senegal, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Latvia, Romania, Moldova, Algeria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. (to name a few!)


June 14, 2007
Thankful Thursday -- God's Provisions
20 Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant,

21 Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.
Hebrews 13:20-21
The Lord has done some amazing things this past week, its so awesome that He is right on time.
I am as always, thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ -- the ultimate sacrifices He gave on our behalf.
Its been a busy week here at work -- our International Students graduate and a new class is coming next week. Many, many preparations -- but by the help and grace of God, I can accomplish everything.
We sold our horses this week, a family came to look at our old horse trailer and decided to take the horses too! They are a young family and have kids that love to ride. I am still believing the Lord for Mysti's complete healing. We did let the family know about her injury, but they are taking her too. We gave them a deal: Rowdy and Mysti -- $500. Rowdy alone $500. Too funny. They were only able to put Rowdy in the trailer so they are coming back next week for Mysti. She did go a little nuts when the trailer pulled out. Her friend was leaving and she was alone. It was pretty heartbreaking hearing her calling for him all that night. We put her with the goats and that helped. Last night when we got home from Bible Study -- guess who was laying down and sleeping right next to the goat house? Mysti! I am thankful they are a comfort to her!!
On a side note to this -- when we paid Mysti's vet bill, the vet allowed us to pay half and then another half. Well that second half was a post dated check for June 8 ... we could have robbed Peter to pay Paul to cover it and been short, but the money from the trailer was deposited just in time to cover the check before it cleared!! He's an on time God, yes He is!
As I noted last week, my brother is here from Connecticut -- and before we left for church last night, Mini started acting really funny. She was struggling to breathe, whimpering, barely walking -- (sorry Sis -- I didn't tell you all this, didn't want you to be scared!) and not doing well at all. We were scared and had no clue how to help. My brother said, go to church, maybe God will save her. I laid my hand upon her head, and said a simple prayer, "God heal her for YOUR glory and as a testimony to what you are able to do"
When we arrived home, it was with great trepidation that we looked in her crate -- and found her looking out at us! She had gotten sick in there and flooded it (literally!) She seemed to be much better, shivering and shakey but much, much better! You know what I did, right? Marched right in there and told my brother, the only reason this pup is better, because God did it! He knows it, he said had to be. And again, I am giving God the glory for healing her!
(She was her old self this morning too!)
I'm so thankful that the Lord heard the prayers and saw the desires on a young couples' heart and opened her womb! I'm so excited for them!! As much as I'd love to be a Nana, my, uh daughter needs a husband first! Plus, I have Joanna to pull on my heart strings!
I am thankful for so much more -- and these only touch the surface, but I wanted to share some amazing things the Lord has done!! We serve a great God!
And as always, I am thankful for this community of bloggers who are an encouragement to me.
Visit Sting my heart for more Thankful Thursday praises!

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June 11, 2007
Menu Plan Monday - June 10th
I didn't get to plan last week -- and decided that this is a must -- even if I don't get to post it, if I at least put it on the fridge, then it's all good.

This helps tremendously. It plans on being another busy week -- the students graduate this week and then VBS is next week and the new students arrive from nations far and wide!

Monday -- Chicken Soft Tacos on Homemade Tortillas, Rice and Corn

Tuesday -- Baked Ziti (I have this in my freezer -- made 4 pans last time!)

Wednesday -- Kansas City Club Sandwiches,* Veggies

Thursday -- Homemade Pizza and Calzones

Friday -- Burgers on the grill and grilled vegetables.

Saturday -- Bulgogi and Rice **

Sunday -- Roast and veggies

Visit Laura for more menu plans and recipes~

*KC (Kansas City) Club Sandwich (Recipe of Sorts)

Whole Wheat/Grain Bread (2 slices)
low fat/fat free Mayo
Turkey Breast slices (2-3 slices)
Turkey Bacon (2 slices)
Tomato slices
Red onion slices
Assemble all in sandwich. Toasting bread is optional. This is really yummy!


The linked recipe is pretty much how I make it, but I do not use the rice wine, instead I put a cup of regular coca cola in depending on how much meat I have. I also do not use rib eye -- I use a rump roast that I have sliced up. Marinating it longer with tenderize the meat. This is really good!!

On a side note, does anyone have any good websites for using essential oils and herbs? There are a ton out there, but thought someone might have suggestions for books or links. Thanks!

And anyone have a good remedy for chigger bites? ugh!

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June 9, 2007
Meet Mini

Friends of our family raise Min Pins and in their last litter, they lost the mom and 2 of the babies, but there was one small pup who held on. Melinda bottle fed this pup, so she is spoiled rotten.
They did not want to sell her because she was too special, so my son Josh received an early birthday present this week! He loves her -- and he chose her name -- Mini. (and not short for Minnie Mouse -- we need to make that clear!)

I didn't know they are little shadows and constantly have to make sure I don't step on her. She is 3 months old, and a tad small. Honestly I hope she stays pretty small. =) The house training has been interesting. She seems pretty smart for something that probably only weighs a pound or two!

My blogger friend Michelle has one named Katie -- and I enjoy hearing about her antics. It sounds like they have great personalities!


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June 7, 2007
Thankful Thursday - Life
Its about 3:00 pm Thursday -- the day has flown! I wanted to post though. Enjoy this most of all. If you see my blog for the past week -- its been empty! So many things going on and no time. I really miss Menu Plan Monday, because it has been a struggle this week. Not very healthy meals or none.

Woke up feeling kind of rough -- so went into work late, then once I arrived, a co-worker needed something by COB. {sigh} So, my part in that is finally finished. I'm going to post my thanks and let the fun begin!

First and foremost, I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ. Always.

I am thankful for life -- in this world, and in the next. For good health and an advocate for all our pains and woes.

I am thankful for my husband -- he's been very helpful in all things. I appreciate him, more than he knows. I need to do something special for him this weekend.

I am thankful for the Lord making my brother's life totally miserable that he had no choice but to move west. With basically his car and the clothes on his back. Please pray that he will be saved. Its been a struggle with him in our house -- I already have 3 teenagers and enough mess ... ok, I'll leave it ... but he needs the Lord first, and then he needs a job.

And I am thankful for this community of bloggers who are an encouragement and blessing to me. Please forgive me for not being able to visit this week ... it may be the weekend! I have to go out of town to pick up a dog crate this evening and then I work tomorrow evening. (maybe things will be slow at work tomorrow, but its not looking that way!)

Wishing you an abundance of blessings and grace!!

Visit Sting my heart for more Thankful Thursday praises!