June 15, 2007
Sad Day for us!
Today, our International Students graduated after a very tough year long course. Some earned Masters Degrees as well -- some came to the US and learned English and then plunged right into some difficult studies in military training/operations.

Many have been away from families for 16+ months! It was sad to see them go -- so many of them are just so ... awesome! Many hugs and a few tears went around.

But while we are sad -- their families are filled with the joy of their homecoming! I've gained some forever friends, I know that if I ever am blessed enough to visit their countries -- a welcome mat will be waiting my arrival, and should they ever need something, they all know that they only need to ask.

My heart is heavy, but I am blessed for knowing some of the best military officers in countries around the world! Senegal, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Latvia, Romania, Moldova, Algeria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. (to name a few!)



Here is a hug for you! ((((((Michelle))))))

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