June 9, 2007
Meet Mini

Friends of our family raise Min Pins and in their last litter, they lost the mom and 2 of the babies, but there was one small pup who held on. Melinda bottle fed this pup, so she is spoiled rotten.
They did not want to sell her because she was too special, so my son Josh received an early birthday present this week! He loves her -- and he chose her name -- Mini. (and not short for Minnie Mouse -- we need to make that clear!)

I didn't know they are little shadows and constantly have to make sure I don't step on her. She is 3 months old, and a tad small. Honestly I hope she stays pretty small. =) The house training has been interesting. She seems pretty smart for something that probably only weighs a pound or two!

My blogger friend Michelle has one named Katie -- and I enjoy hearing about her antics. It sounds like they have great personalities!



Blogger Saved By Grace said...

Hub and I agree she is in the best home she could ever be in!!! She is a special girl, with a special home!!!

Oh sweetie Mini is adorable! She is so lucky to have you guys. Yes, they do have to be involved in EVERYTHING you do. And they can be bossy, and silly, and think they own the world! But mostly they give tons of love! huggles!

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