May 17, 2007
Thankful Thursday -- All things!
First and always, I am thankful for the Lord -- His supreme sacrifice for me and others. He's an awesome God, and I'm thankful He chose to draw me to Him.

Yesterday afternoon was a pretty rough afternoon, and my faith was pretty low -- our poor horse! She's such a good girl. You can read the story here. But after service last night -- I am believing the Lord for her complete recovery. I have to -- my trust is in the Lord.

We had a visiting minister instead of Bible Study last night -- he has a healing ministry -- How like God? -- I realize that its only a horse and things could be far worse in other areas of our lives -- I think it was just everything -- especially stating what should have been done when she was first injured. We had a different vet come out last night -- this is who we wanted originally, but one of her fill in vets came out last week. So -- it was an awesome service and I am thankful for that.

I'm thankful that my husband's foot is healing. (It was pretty ugly looking Tuesday afternoon at the doctors!) It looked better last night when I re-wrapped it.

I'm thankful my son Josh has been a huge help with chores this week, even though he carries a full load with school and his job.

I'm thankful for the tulips (and sub!) my daughter Sarai gave me -- I love tulips!

And the roses Josh gave me late Sunday night -- I told him to save his money, he said No, this makes him happy cause it makes me happy.

I'm thankful for a little girl who was so tired last night she fell asleep in my arms -- I think I needed that human touch -- and it actually comforted my soul and spirit.

I'm thankful that the vet knows someone who might be interested in Rowdy -- and it would be a great new home.

After my post last night -- the vet was going over the other bill. We had not received it in the mail yet. I think I might have had a coronary had it showed up! She said that there were ALOT of over charges -- because the fill in vet didn't know the prices. The bill was $290 for last week. Gasp! She gave a bunch of credit -- and after last night the total was $367.50. God is awesome! And she let us pay 1/2 now and 1/2 in a month. This is not too common in today's world. I asked her if I could pay half in 2 weeks -- and she said you can even pay it in a month. Wow! I am believing God for the funds for this!

I'm thankful I am feeling so much better today and I woke early enough to spend time with the Lord.

I'm thankful for my husband and my kids who put up with all my drama sometimes! Hey, I have to put up with theirs! {grin}

And as always, I am thankful for this community of bloggers who are an encouragement to me.

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Blogger Denise said...

I will be keeping your family in my prayers, also your dear horse.

Hope your horse gets better...what precious, intuitive animals they are!!

Loved your list!

Blogger kissesfromheaven said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. I know that God cares about our animals too. Praying for your horse. Glad you're feeling better. Blessings on your day. Praying for refreshing to come to you from His presence.

Blogger eph2810 said...

It is so wonderful that our Lord places people around us that love us without conditions or strings attached :)

I pray that all will go well with your horse.

Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Be blessed today and always.

Blogger Nise' said...

Thanks for sharing. Praying for healing of your horse. God cares about what we care about!

Blogger Pearls of Wisdom said...

I will be keeping your family and your horse in my prayers. I am so glad the bill was less then you expected what a blessing. May the Lord Bless you this week and always.

In his endless love,

Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom)

Blogger Saved By Grace said...

We continue to pray, as we know God is a Healer! Even for our pets. He knows our hearts desires and our hearts. Love and prayers!!

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