May 15, 2007
Tuesday Meanderings ...
I usually try and participate in Tackle It Tuesday -- but to be honest, tackling the everyday chores has been a feat in itself -- added to the fact that my husband's chores have been handed down for the time being.

Its raining today -- and that makes me unhappy and very, very nervous! Mysti was limping pretty good last night -- and added to the fact that she is now stuck back in the barn due to the mud, is NOT a good combination. I don't remember if I posted, but when we contained her last week she went a little stir crazy and starting tearing at her bandages and exposing the raw flesh -- repeatedly! We put her in the small front field at our house and she didn't mess with the bandage since. Last night when I put the goats up, Rowdy was waiting by the gate -- he hasn't done this in the past 4 days, but I think he wants his own field back. There are too many hills and uneven ground where she can hurt herself and doesn't limit her walking as much. So, I put them in the barn. I did put them together this time -- so I pray that she will leave it be!!

My husband goes to the doctor today to remove the bandage and we can find out exactly what she did! I think he is going a little stir crazy too -- since his activity is pretty limited. I am thankful that he has changed the bandages on the horse for me! He told me last night, You are stronger than that, you can do it. Uh -- no I am NOT. I am a wimp! LOL! The vet comes back tomorrow. {sigh} She will have to cut the remaining flesh off. Gross. Maybe then the horse can heal.

On a side note: We played Monopoly Here and Now last night -- and I had a whopping $49+ Million in cash, not counting my properties! Score! {I always lose!}

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