May 8, 2007
Mysti News and Pet Share
Thanks much for the well wishes and prayers for our horse, Mysti. We did finally get a vet to come and although she was unable to sew the wound -- she ended up having to cut off quite a bit of dead stuff -- she is on medications and we have our work cut out for us for her care in the next few weeks ahead!

The one struggle we are having, if you watch the news, is the RAIN. The road to our town was flooded over. If you look to the south and west -- there are lakes! Newly formed due to the rains.

It is a swamp land and we need to keep the foot area as dry and clean as possible. Our barn does not have a concrete floor so she is being contained in the driest area of it. The forecast is for more rain -- we really need some clear skies so the land will dry and she can be left free.
My husband has foot surgery himself tomorrow -- I may just have to bring the horse to the bedroom so he can do the changing of the dressing! Ugh! Still working the nerve up for this week ahead.

I thought I would share some photos of our pets -- minus the cats. They cats are there because they take care of the rodent, snake, and mole population. Although, I do have a couple of favorites that are people friendly, the rest are barn cats and well, not pets.

(with our makeshift bandage on her front leg Saturday night)


He's pretty skinny right now. He needs to be wormed and start eating the hay we give him, instead of trying to get all the nutrition out in the field. He is contained too, so he should pick up his weight pretty quick. He is also about 20 years old.




My husband let the goats out yesterday while he was waiting for the vet. He was surprised when they didn't run off. As soon as he went to get the leashes they ran back into their pen. I think they realize that it is their "home" and a safe place. I don't think we'll make it a habit of letting them go free, but it was interesting to note.

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I love your critters! They are so happy looking!

Blogger Vicky said...

I hope things go well with your horse - and I pray the rain will let up soon so that things will dry out a bit!
I liked your pictures - the goats especially made me smile. :) We had goats growing up and it was a blast! We had both Nubian and Alpine. At one point, we had a "kid" for every kid :) - 9 baby goats for all 9 of us! It was a fun spring/summer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I┬┤Portuguese and I loved this blog.

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