May 2, 2007
Changes are good, no?

I had some lessons from my son about HTML last night so I added some font images to my sidebar. What do you think? I love the font, its called Susie's Hand.

I have also decided to join the May Day Weight Loss Challenge -- even though I have begun my own challenge to lose some of the weight I've gained back after losing 50 pounds in 1992. So far due to changes to my diet, I have lost 4 pounds. I have struggled with losing it over the last 2 years, it just won't come off! It does but then it comes right back. Very, very discouraging. So, I started a new blog so I don't bore you with that on this one.

One way I lost weight was switching to a low fat, low sugar diet back in the days, and I will share healthier recipes of the foods you normally indulge in on my A Healthier Way blog.

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Come visit and join the challenge!!

I am always open to suggestions and advice.

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