April 25, 2007
After reading about Tammy's guest chef Bethany and her recipe for bagels, and then anther post about bagels. I thought "Surely I can make these?"

We all love bagels -- our current all time favorite is the Cinnamon Crunch from Panera Bread. But alas that is a treat. My daughter had given me a gift card for Valentine's Day from Panera -- and I bought bagels twice! Yum! I grew up in New York (city) and every Sunday we would have fresh bagels. No store bought bagels come close.

So -- here is my journey with bagels! I am not experienced using yeast, but I am learning.

All those photos at Tammy's Recipes tempt me that I just have to TRY. And I have. And am proud to say I've succeeded with most of the recipes from her site.

This is after the first rise, and when you form them into a ball -- prior to my making a whole in the middle. I did not make Bagel Balls like Tammy. {grin} Although they look yummy!

This was the boiling (or simmering) part. Do you think the heat was too high?

They don't look very yummy here. I placed them on the rack to drain and I did brush them with the egg white and sprinkled poppy seed on them while they were on the rack. I didn't have a problem with them sticking to my pan after baking.

Woila! Here are the finished products! Don't they look delicious? My son and I ate one right out of the oven with cream cheese. Yum!!

I am going to try Honey Wheat and Cinnamon Raisin flavored next. I've been tempted to try the Spinach Tortillas that Tammy is posting about lately too! So many good, healthy recipes, so little time. {grin}

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Blogger Catherine said...

I clicked over to your blog from Tammy's Recipes - it seems everyone is trying the bagels! I'm going to make a second batch today and try to keep them from sticking. Maybe putting the egg wash and toppings on while they are still on the rack like you did will help!

I agree about the impossibility of finding great bagels after you've gotten used to NYC bagels. I went to college a short train ride from New York and we always came back with delicious bagels!

BTW, I love your blog template!

Anonymous Judie said...

I am going to try them definatly. My son who loves bagels and loves them...with nothing on them.... I prefer cream cheese or making them into a sandwich is ecstatic. He is battling cancer again and if this makes him happy, I will go for it of course!

Thanks Judie

Blogger Saved By Grace said...

Love these bagels. I get the blessing of getting some when she makes them, YUM!! I will get brave someday and attempt to make them myself.

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