April 19, 2007
Thankful Thursday
Due to the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech -- when I was praying this morning -- I thought how could I not be thankful? How could we not be?

Only by the grace of God are any of us spared from a similar tragedy. I know that the Lord knows the time and place when He will take us home and the circumstances surrounding it ... but ...

I am a creature of habit and sometimes I wonder if the Lord tires of me praying for the safety and hand of protection on my family every morning? I don't believe so. Do you? I know it only takes one prayer and God can answer it -- I know that sometimes we have to wait but ... the Lord truly knows the perfect will for our lives.

On one of our Sunday School boards in our classroom ... we have it decorated with the following:

God Always Answers Prayer

Sometimes He says "Yes"

Sometimes He says "No"

Sometimes He says "Wait"

And sometimes He says " I have something better in mind ..."

This is so very true, I think it is easier to take a Yes or even a No, then a Wait or Let's do it My (God's) way!

Regardless I am very thankful today!

  • For His grace and mercy
  • For His hand of protection and safety
  • For giving Himself so that we might spend eternity with Him.
  • For all answered prayers (Yes, No, Waits, and His way)
  • For making a way in situations where I thought there could not be one ...
  • For seeking me out ... that gentle nudge that brought me to Him. I don't believe that we accept Him, I believe that He accepts us! He gives that nudge to everyone, its whether or not they decide to kneel at His feet and live for Him.
  • For a specific prayer I prayed yesterday, that was answered 2 hours later through a blogger that visited my blog ... she knows. I've told her how God used her to answer my prayer request. Awesome.

And I am thankful for this community of bloggers ... you are truly an inspiration and encouragement to me. May the Lord bless you and keep you ... and give you grace.



Blogger Denise said...

This is truly a precious thankful list, thanks for sharing.

Blogger Sandra said...

Loved this post and what an inspiration you are to everyone :)

It's so true about the prayers, I often wonder if I'm bugging God by all my daily prayers which at times seem to be the same thing over and over LOL

I've learnt to be patient when praying, especially after reading "You're Late Again Lord: An Impatient Woman's Guide to God's Timing", wonderful book that taught me all about God's timing :)


We don't always know why God does things as he does but it is always right. Sometimes it is very painful and we can't grasp it but it is all part of the greater plan of God. We are all appointed a certain number of days on this old earth but sometimes those days seem so short! I only pray and hope that many of those who lost their lives knew the Lord.

Blogger Diane said...

Sometimes yes, sometimes no--sometimes wait...sometimes "I've got something better in mind!" And then sometimes "WOW!" I love how God is using the internet to love-on His children!

I love how God takes our pain...and uses it for His glory!

We serve an awesome God!


Blogger Nise' said...

Thanks for sharing today. Your blog is beautiful. I believe that it is honoring God when we pray daily for the safety and protection of our family It shows that we are totally depending upon Him and they that belong to Him.

How wonderful God answered your prayer through a blogging friend...It is amazing to me that we can have an impact on lives we have never met in person..God is much bigger than time or distance!

Loved your list..:)

Blogger Sharon said...

Love the color combinations on your blog.
I thank God for the protection of my family and friends quite often. When we get to heaven we will see how God blessed those prayers.

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