April 17, 2007
Tackle it Tuesday -- Google Reader
Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Amazingly enough I never knew about Google Reader, and I had seen Bloglines, but really didn't know what that was ... sigh ... I know, BLOND!

I read this post by Marcia and the light came on. My computer times is pretty limited and I really enjoy reading blogs. I've learned quite a few things; received support from fellow believers; great new recipes and organizing tips to name a few.

So, now I have organized about 45 blogs and websites that I read often in my subscriptions at Google Reader and it saves a bunch of time. Plus I don't feel so guilty about sitting on the computer for so long. As Marcia stated, the hardest part was copying and pasting the urls!

You can also organize the different blogs by creating specific folders for their "theme"

It took a bit of time, but I have my faves subscribed now. I'm sad that some I read, do not have their RSS feed activated. Hint! Hint!!

But for me it was a great thing to tackle!



Blogger Imma ( Alice) said...

Good tackle. I've organized a lot of mine in different folders in my Bookmarks (Favorites), too. Makes life a bit easier.

Blogger Marcia Francois said...

Well hello!

Now how's that for God? You're the first Tackle blog I clicked on tonight and lo and behold, you've linked to me! Cool and thanks...

I had that same problem with the blog feeds and I figured it out. Here you go http://organisingtips.blogspot.com/2007/03/google-reader-blogger-blogs.html

Anyway, thanks again for linking and great job - you are going to save HOURS every week!

OHH I LOVE LOVE LOVE google reader - its the only way to go isn't it? Great tackle!!!

Blogger Angelika said...

I've never heard of Google Reader. Great tackle! :-)

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