April 8, 2007
Easter Reflections & Menu Plan Monday -- April 9th
I am off from work today -- and only have my home schooled HS Junior here today. We are going to work on putting together the remaining 2 boxes for our Square Foot Garden and I will catch up on a few chores that are needing to be done. I am hoping the weather holds out!
I am also going to give the Hearty Herb Bread a try -- I am going to shape it into Italian type loaves. This will be a first, but I am confident I can do it! {wink} Again, in hopes the weather doesn't damper my yeast effort!!

About midweek last week, the temperatures dropped to 18 degrees and all our flower blooms on our fruit dies shrivelled up and died. So sad. We had not done anything in the garden yet, so sometimes it pays to be late!

Our Easter service was absolutely awesome! Saturday we had a dozen teenage boys at our home that stayed from noon until about 830pm. There is definitely a difference between teenagers and younger children -- it was a pretty quiet day. I only had to feed them. We first went on Outreach -- inviting people to Easter services -- and then came home. We live in the county -- so there is usually nothing going on around here.

One of the boys told me the skit they were going to perform at church was powerful. I thought -- ok -- and honestly didn't think too much about it. We had looked at a portion of the Grace Like Rain video -- but to be honest, I could NOT watch it all. I had to shut it off. Sometimes we think about shutting things out and that they will go away or they don't exist. Which of course is entirely false.

The music (Rise Again, by Ray Boltz) started playing in service. I knew my husband had made a cross and my oldest son was to carry it in. He said he was life and W.D. was death. That was pretty much all I knew.

In my son walked, entirely dressed in white with a cross on his back ... looking so defeated, so utterly destitute. I was shocked. Immediately tears welled up in my eyes and started rolling down my face. I looked at a sister who was taking photos and knew I was not the only one. The teenage girls were kneeling before the cross. They mentioned to me earlier, they didn't know how they were going to be able to shed fake tears. The tears came ... and they were so real.
Death was dressed all in black waiting at the cross. If you click on the photo, it will open larger and look at his wife.

He fell under the weight of the cross (the world) and my youngest son was the one who helped carry it. Stephen said he felt Josh's tears falling on his hands. They nailed him to the cross and death stood there all victorious and smug. Until Jesus came off the cross and carried death away. There were no words spoken .. and there did not need to be any. There was such a powerful move of the Lord -- people -- visitors ... were weeping and deeply touched. God used these young people in a mighty way. Lately they have not failed to show me how special they are.

My heart has been heavy with what the Lord suffered for this world ... for me. So many people still continue to nail Him to the cross. I do not desire to cause my Lord any more grief. He has been nothing but faithful and good to me, and I have only failed Him.

Menu Plan Monday

Vegetable Lasagna and Bethany's Italian Herb Bread

Leftovers {Jazz Concert at School}

grilled ham and lowfat cheese sandwiches / salad / raw veggies

Tortellini Soup {Crockpot}


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Blogger annie said...

Your menu looks great!
♥ Annie
My Life as Annie!

Blogger Posh Mama said...

What an amazing service, we weren't able to make it to church this Sunday, but I remember doing skits similar when I was in high school. It really reaches in and grips your heart. Your menu looks wonderful, I can't wait for you to share the Tortellini Soup recipe!

Blogger Rona's Home Page said...

I enjoyed reading about your church service. Terrific photos. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Our's was outside and ocassionally it did drizzle.
Yummy menu plan!

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