April 8, 2007
Happy Easter!

Our prayer is that you find the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself as you celebrate Easter --
and the ultimate gift that God gave us.


Here is a link to the YouTube version of Todd Agnew’s Grace Like Rain featuring clips from Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

We do not frequent movies but when I saw this video clip on 5 minutes for Moms -- it definitely takes me from my safe little world and shows me the reality of what Christ endured.
For me.

Even if I had been the only one -- He still would have done this.

Just for me.

Or just for YOU.

Horrific pain and suffering. Be forewarned images are pretty graphic. His crucifixion is portrayed as something little -- compared to what He really endured. I was always under that impression -- but my husband set me straight. This video is in reality pretty close to what He endured, if it isn't less.

May the Lord bless you this Easter, and grant you grace and mercy.

He awaits you.



Amen and amen!

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