April 3, 2007
Tackle it Tuesday -- Spice Drawer Organization
Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I decided to tackle my spice drawer. To be honest, I do not remember WHY we started putting spice bottles in drawers, but in thinking back, they have been pretty much been kept in a kitchen drawer versus a cabinet. (probably a husband idea originally!)

I have a bad habit of just jumping in and starting a project and neglecting to take a before photo.
This time is no exception!

Before photo: Picture in your mind, dozens of bottles laying on top of each other ... white powder residue at the bottom, even various other colors. Get the image? (yuck!)

I picked up 2 packages of small baskets at the dollar store -- and transformed my spice drawer into a work of organization! I keep ones I use more frequently at the front and then other "like" spices grouped together. Then I started really thinking and added some labels to the top of the jars. (I love my label maker!) There are some that are too tall to stand up, so they have to be laid on their sides. I have found that I do better at keeping things in place if there is a label. Now for the rest of the troops to feel the same way ....

What do you think? This could also be a Works for Me Wednesday post too! They actually do not slide around very much and the labels at the top help me find what I am looking for much easier.

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Blogger mira said...

That's a great tackle! I need to reorganize mine also, thanks for the inspiration.

Blogger Twisted Cinderella said...

Great job! I have my spices in a cupboard but I did get a couple of containers and put like spices together in them, that means that when I am making something, I just pull one container down.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome tackle! I did the same thing to the girls bathroom drawer. It works great to organize brushes, combs, dental items, etc.

Blogger Ribbon Rock Star said...

Great tip!


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