March 27, 2007
Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Something I've done on my kitchen counters is to "contain" all the odds and ends --salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowl, coffee grinder, honey bottle, olive oil etc.

Lots of stuff cluttering up the counters. I have very limited counter space -- and needed to do something because it was getting to me. My kitchen is a sage green and cream and we want accents in red. Joann's had a great sale on their baskets (60% off, plus a 10% off your entire order) a few weeks back and I picked up a set of cream baskets with a red/cream stripe lining. Love them!

I do not have a before picture, but just picture in your mind: CLUTTER. LOL!

Here is the salt/pepper/sugar bowl contained in this little basket which is next to the toaster. That side of the counter is completely bare with those exceptions, and if I need room, I only have to move the 1 basket.

Photos were taken with my cell phone, so they are not the best quality.

This is a larger basket that I have at the other end of the counter. (yes, this is the only counter I have!) and it is sideways against the wall, so it doesn't take up as much space. My knife holder is behind it and my coffee maker is close to it. I have quite a bit of items in this basket. I pretty much use those items daily. Olive oil, coffee, coffee filters, Splenda container, honey jar, coffee grinder. This really works well for me. I have two other smaller ones. One on the kitchen table that holds paper napkins, and one on top of the microwave.

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Blogger Mona said...

Not only is it easy to move if you need more room, but also looks VERY nice in the meantime!! Love what you have done with your limited space!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow that looks nice. Love the baskets. :)

Blogger Beckaboo said...

Great idea! I love baskets!!


Blogger Celeste said...

I know what you mean about the counters! I have very little space also. That is why my table becomes a catchall.

That was a very good idea dear!

Blogger Ribbon Rock Star said...

Love those colors!!

Great tackle.


Blogger devildogwife said...

Love those baskets. Baskets always make things look more organized and contained!

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