April 1, 2007
Menu Plan Monday -- April 2nd

Another week planned equals a lot less stress! Its cold here this morning in Kansas (which is fine by me!) I want to see spring, not summer quite yet. My dh is off this week for a much needed break, so I have a plan but things might change a bit over the course of the week.

It is also close to my 100th post for this blog and I will be giving away some prizes. More details to follow. I am on my 95th post, so it will be this week. I will also be posting my 100 things About Me in blog tradition. Stay tuned!

Visit Laura for more great menu plans.

Monday -- Creamy Chicken, Pasta and Mushroom Skillet **

Tuesday -- Chicken Tortilla Soup courtesy of Ashley & homemade ww tortillas

Wednesday - Leftover soup and Tuna sandwiches on whole wheat

Thursday -- Fiesta Chicken with Rice and Beans --Crockpot

Friday -- Homemade Pizza

Saturday -- Having our Sunday School Class over for BBQ -- A Dozen Teen Boys!!
(burgers, franks, calico beans, chips, fruit and cc cookies and ice cream!)

**I use Healthy Request Soup and to make it go further, I put a small can of tomato sauce in and use 1 lb of pasta. Enough to feed our family, with a bit left over.



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