April 5, 2007
Thankful Thursday #3 - People

There are times when we are down in the valley -- and need encouragement especially when we think that the Lord has forgotten us. He hasn't and won't. In making these posts -- I realize how blessed I am and even in the little things -- I can see the hand of the God, and know that He has not forgotten me.

When I was praying this week -- and funny how this meme comes to mind, I started thinking about some of the people who I am thankful that are in my life.
Now -- this is not all of them, but its a start!
I am thankful first and foremost for the Lord Jesus Christ.
My husband who really is long suffering with me at times. I can tell when I really blow it, just by the look on his face!! LOL!
My Pastor and his wife -- they have definitely invested much prayer and time with our family. I am thankful for that and their guidance over the years.
My children -- Sarai, Josh & Stephen. There are times when they drive me to distraction and I wonder how their thought processes ever got so screwed up!
A good supervisor -- I've been in awful work environments -- and my current one is no stress. We all have issues, but he is pretty easy going for the most part.
My mom -- who is walking the streets of gold -- my work ethic came from her, and I didn't appreciate her enough while she walked the earth, but I do now. That's a hard road to walk -- take my advice and don't walk it. Let your family know you are thankful for them NOW and love them NOW.
I also have to specifically add the young men in our Sunday School class -- "Men of Valor" They came to mind during my prayer time. When we were first asked to take the class -- thoughts like wildfire were going through my mind! I know church family reads this blog at times -- so let's just say it was unexpected to say the least. But I have grown to love and appreciate these boys.
So, I am thankful for the Men of Valor -- Bradley, Stephen, Stephon, Dion, Aspen, Matt, W.D., Jamal and Josh. (in no particular order!)
We have visitors, but these are our core class. Faithful young men. I am thankful to be a part of their lives. Our desire for SS is that they are prepared and have the knowledge they need to be truly men of valor. Strong and mighty in the Lord.
There is much opposition in our lives right now, but you know what?
We're blessed!!
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What a wonderful list!!

Have a fantabulous week!!!

Blogger Denise said...

I enjoyed your thankful list, bless you.

Blogger Dana said...

What a great list! Thank you for sharing.

How wonderful that you have a no stress work environment!

Great list--thanks for sharing!


Blogger devildogwife said...

That list was beautiful. I agree whole-heartedly that we need to be grateful for those we have in our lives while they are here with us. You never know when it will be too late to say thank you or I love you.

May God bless you this Easter weekend!

Blogger Pearls of Wisdom said...

Thank you for sharing. I love your list. May the Lord Bless you this Easter and always.


Blogger Deena said...

That was wonderful...we do need to be thankful for the people in our lives, and to tell them often that we are thankful for them.

Blogger on the Rock said...

These are neat people to be thankful for!
God Bless

Blogger Nise' said...

Thanks for sharing. I will be calling my Mom today to tell her yet again how much I appreciate and love her! Thanks for the reminder to let those in our lives know how thankful we are for them.

Blogger Monkey Giggles said...

yes..amen..I think if we were all honest we would agree that we have all felt like God has forgotten us...it is when we are in the valley that HE can talk to us the most. Thank you for your words of encourgement. Blessings to you and your family.

Blogger janiswrites said...

A great list! Thank you for sharing with us! Blessings to you.

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