April 10, 2007
Tackle it Tuesday -- Painting!
Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I have been off from my job since Thursday -- it was a nice break. I did tackle some projects that needed done. {something always needs to be done!}


1. I finished painting the master bedroom. I had painted the trim a couple of months ago. {grin} but did not paint the larger walls. Our room has 3 windows, 3 doors, and a closet and dresser built into the wall, so that is a lot of trim. And I was actually hoping my brother would have arrived to finish it by now! LOL. So, I finished that. I do need to touch up a couple of areas on the ceiling, but we are out of ceiling paint.

2. Touched up the shelves in the bathroom. When sliding the baskets out, the paint was scrapped off in quite a few places. Looks much better.

3. Our kitchen cabinets are painted {until our kitchen is remodeled} and there were quite a few nicks, so I touched all of those up and repainted the wall by the trash can. I think this is my 3rd time doing that since we painted the cabinets in early 2006. I am so glad that I have all my paint cans labelled for just small jobs like this.

4. Spot cleaned the carpet with the shampooer. Well, my son did that, can I still count it?

Not completed:

My 100 Things About Me list. Ugh. Doing that next.

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Blogger Nancy said...

Wow!!! I am totally impressed. Good for you! Can you come over to my house and do some painting?

You are welcome to come help us when we start painting! LOL! Actually, I love to paint and don't mind it one bit!

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