April 15, 2007
Happy Birthday Stephen!
Our youngest is the big 15 today!
The years have literally flown by.
Cherish every moment.

Happy Birthday!!!
We love you!

P.S. We don't know the results of the solo competition -- the bus had to leave early because there were seniors who had prom last night. His Band teacher and the pianist both think he did great! If he gets a 1 -- he will go to state competition! I told him on the way -- because he was very nervous -- just pray before you perform and let God use you for His glory. We have to wait till Monday to find out. But even if he did not make a 1 -- he backed out numerous times because he was nervous about doing it; it is still okay.

I figured I would post a photo of him with his trumpet/band. His trumpet is a "Blessing" -- and it was a huge blessing the way we got it. I'll have to share that story.



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