April 13, 2007
Modge Podge of Things
I guess I have been in a "funk" the last few days ... week? {sigh} So many things up in the air for our family and lots of decisions to make. Its been very stressful.

And then I read about Heather and think, I have absolutely no reason to complain, be grumpy, stress or worry. None. Please pray for her and 18 April is designated to be Love on Heather Day

Above all, pray for her and her family as they walk this valley.

On to the good ... God is a Healer. I believe that with everything I have, I have experienced it in my own life and seen it in many, many people. And He is with us every step of the way.
Just typing that has lifted my spirits.

It supposed to snow here tonight ... uh ... its like April? Although while living in Colorado -- we had snow one year the last week of May! Fun stuff.

My youngest has a regional solo competition tomorrow and he turns the big 15 on Sunday. The time has literally flown by.

My daughter has to make cookies this weekend, and she is going to make these. They are not the best in regards to health but ... that is the agenda.

I am also going to make a pot of Savory Bean Spinach Soup. I'll let you know how that goes and post the recipe for my menu plan on Monday.

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I will be praying! The cookies will be yummy I am sure. Sometimes we need a little treat even if it isn't the healthiest!

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