April 11, 2007
Works for Me Wednesday -- Labelling
Welcome to another Works for Me Wednesday -- this is not anything new, but I was very skeptical at first - thinking so what if it has a label, that doesn't mean it will end up where it belongs! Well, I have been converted. I love my Brother P-Touch label machine. I've labelled quite a few areas and I am still working on the rest. Even my husband and kids are better about putting things back in their "spots". You do not have to purchase a label maker to do this -- I used my circle punch and created some cool tags (see below). Our local library has a die cut machine and I'm sure you can find a circle die to use, or even another shape. Use what work for you! You can also use your printer and a sheet of labels, or just paper and scissor and tape! Even masking tape and a marker. No need to spend extra money to organize.

Here are some examples: (click on the photos to view larger)

This is a shelf that has bathroom supplies on it. The top baskets hold cleaning rags and vitamins. The bottom basket holds over the counter medication, nasal sprays and such.

(we have older children -- so do not have to lock up medication, or put it in high cabinets. If you have young children -- this will NOT work for you!)

Yes, I have labelled my refrigerator! Crazy? not at all. I've had this labelled for about 3 months and it still is neat. Well - except for the misc tray! On the door from top to bottom, I have "condiments", "cheese", "sauces", "misc"; "butter" and then on the bottom I have "sweet" and "pickles". (for pickles and salsa etc -- I was at a loss for what to label it, because I already had condiments which has the mayo, mustard, ketchup etc. Ideas?) I have the shelves labelled inside the fridge too. WFM!

In the bathroom cabinet (still need to paint the inside of this cabinet! -- wish I would have looked because this could have been completed this past weekend.) But I have 3 baskets. One for my daughter and one each for my sons for their bathroom "stuff" -- each has a cute round tag with their name. Josh's Junk, Sarai's Stuff and Stephen's Stuff. I rarely have bottles and mess on the sink/counter.

This is my "pantry" -- such as it is. Its actually a cabinet in the mudroom since we do not have a pantry in the kitchen. Its critter proof and big and it WFM. Josh and I took everything out of this cabinet in December and we organized it and labelled the shelves. I took this photo over the weekend and its still pretty neat, don't you think? I have a couple of overflow areas for bulk items so the bottom is a tad messy but my husband who usually helps with putting away groceries -- puts them where they go! Sorry for the dark photo -- but it gives you an idea.

This is the top shelf ... the Ramen box holds boxes of Jello. Might as well recycle, no?

I also have Tupperware modular mates in my kitchen cabinets and yes, they ALL have labels. I even have a different label on each side of a few of them, because they do double duty in holding certain foods.

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Blogger Darcy said...

I'm also a labeler! I especially love the circle labels tied to the baskets with ribbon!

BTW, I love your blog design!

Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

This is a great idea! Thanks bunches!

Blogger Jane said...

Great tip! I never thought to label the fridge but it really makes sense.

Blogger Marcia Francois said...

I love labelling too - it is actually the answer to organising properly.

I love your bathroom storage containers by the way. They remind me of Aby Garvey.

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