April 18, 2007
For Heather

As many of you already know, BooMama is hosting a day of love for Heather on April 18th. Heather was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week, she is scheduled to see a neurologist at the end of April at the Mayo Clinic, the number one neurosurgery hospital in the country. The goal is to help Heather and her family with as much of the expenses as possible.
Please take a moment to pray for Heather and her family; another to read her story, and another to donate to the love offering on April 18th.
Updated: As of about 2:00pm CST -- the total donations raised thus far were $5150.00. I am totally amazed and in awe of the goodness and generosity of so many people...I think God should get all the glory for this. He's an amazing God.



I am certainly praying for this sweet lady!

Blogger Diane said...

How beautiful to see all the flowers posted for Heather! What an amazing blogging community!


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