April 25, 2007
Works for Me Wednesday -- Library
It is 6:04am -- and I have been at work for 20 minutes. Due to schedules today -- it was either come 1.5 hours early or use 8 hours leave. Uh, not!

We live in a small town, and while it does have a decent library (actually better than the one in the next larger town over!) -- We actually pay a yearly fee for a card to access the library in the next state over. We live west of the Missouri river and its about a 15 minute drive to the closest branch. It was about 10 minutes from my work, but they moved into a huge, brand new building.
I used to buy books all the time because libraries would not carry "good" books. Good as in Christian/Inspirational ones that my kids and I could read.
When we moved to this state and were told about this library -- I knew I had to go. The fee is $20. each year. It's well worth it.

We can check out pretty much how ever many books we want. I've had 76 out at one point. It is a 30 day loan cycle. (and you can renew once, if no one is waiting!) Since gas prices are so high -- I don't need to make as many trips since I am stocked up. They also have an easy to use online catalog and you can put books on hold and choose which branch you would like to pick them up at.

We go to this library -- Mid Continent Public Library Take a peek, its a great library.

If you do not use your library, you are wasting a valuable resource. If you don't have a great library -- you might check around to see if there are better ones. Even ones you might have to pay a fee for. Plus you can save a bunch of money on book purchases. One thing we do, is if we are thinking about buying a book -- mainly resource type -- we check it out first, and then decide if it is worth purchasing or not.

Our library also borrows from other libraries, so we have access to 100s of libraries. They have a great assortment of music cds too -- even Christian! Gotta love that.

I went yesterday afternoon -- and check out some of my gold mine:

And this was not all of them -- just 2 stacks. It you notice most of them are new. One great thing about ours is that you can put a "forthcoming book" on hold -- so for my favorite authors that have books coming out in May, June, July etc == once it shows up in the catalog, I put a hold on it. Sometimes I have to wait for a few people, but many times I am the first to read a brand new release. Love that!

I have been on a quest lately concerning the foods we consume -- and have done a 360. We have not been purchasing any more processed or packaged foods -- and attempting to eat more healthier foods. We are a work in progress -- so that is why so many of the books above are on food and fitness.

I have seriously been waiting for Nourishing Traditions -- and I did have to wait about 60 days for that one. Also, the brand new book by James Scott Bell came in. I enjoy reading mysteries -- especially involving lawyers and medical stuff. I really just love to read!!

So, using our library to its fullest, works for us!!

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Blogger Rona's Home Page said...

I really enjoy our local library's services, including free online tutoring. It definitely comes in handy for Geometry and essay writing.

Blogger Jennie C. said...

We have a small library here, one of nineteen branches in three counties. I order all of our books online, whether they are in our library or another, and they are all waiting at the front desk when we make our weekly trip. I love the online catalog!

Blogger Nancy said...

I live in a county with a terrific library system. I often request books or books on CD from other branches and go pick them up at my neighborhood one. The kids love to go to the library too. If I know books they want to read, I request theirs too, but often they just want to explore.

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