April 21, 2007
100 Things About Me
1. I was born on December 25.

2. Yup, I was a Christmas baby.

3. And yes, I probably did mess up my mom’s holiday.

4. My dad had to borrow money from my Poppy to pay the bill so they could take me home.

5. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York

6. My mom had 7 brothers and sisters so holidays were always fun.I miss that. Only one is still with us.

7. My mom was 44 when she had me, and I always wanted my children young.

8. And I succeeded with that plan. Not much else, but that one happened according to my plan.

9. I had long, long hair when I entered kindergarten, but then my mom got it all cut off. I think my Nanny about croaked.

10. I had short hair from that point on until I started growing it long in 1990 in obedience to the Lord. It’s now longer than my thighs.

11 I only have one older brother.

12. Both of my parents are deceased.

13. I completed all graduation requirements a semester early and just hung around taking electives so I could graduate with my class in high school.

14. My first pet was a dachshund. His name was Oscar Meyer Weiner.

15. I am seriously allergic to dogs and cats – any animal with hair.

16. I went to work on Wall Street after graduation. I loved it!

17. I have been in the Twin Towers on numerous occasions. It was huge.

18. I haven’t been back to New York in about 18 years.

19. New York pizza is the best. Period.

20. Their hot dogs are awesome too, especially the ones off the hot dog carts. Yum!

21. I have even paid an outrageous amount to get them shipped to me. Well worth it.

22. I joined the Army on a dare.

23. I was told I would never make it through basic training. Shrug. So there I went.

24. I spent the next 5 years in the military as a Military Police Officer, and then a Corrections Officer.

25. I have no regrets about giving those years of service to my country, the only regret I have is that we should have stayed 20 to retire.

26. I met my husband in Virginia.

27. Our first meeting was right after my arrival at my first duty station, he was the sergeant who woke me up at 1130 pm to wax the hallway floor. {eyeroll}

28. We retrained and asked that we NOT be sent to Kansas.

29. Yup, they sent us to Kansas.

30. That was the first tangible thing I could see God did for us. We both came to know the Lord in Kansas – where we met a brother in Christ who witnessed to us. God knew what He was doing and what was best for our lives.

31. My husband, kids and I were all born in a different state. *

32. Although both boys were born in the same city. *

33. I have worked at many jobs. After being full time military I had quite a few part time from home jobs until 2003. That is when I went back to work full time.

34. I wish I didn’t have to, but right now that is where I have to be.

35. I’ve never worked in a fast food restaurant.

36. Although I worked as a cook in an Italian restaurant when I was 30 years old.

37. I have operated a day care in our home.

38. Read water meters in a rural district. Also, the highest amount I was ever paid for less than an hour of work.

39. Owned and operated an online scrapbooking store.

40. Owned and operated a UHaul dealership.

41. Worked as a bookkeeper.

42. Packed groceries at the commissary.

43. Worked in a Hallmark plant.

44. Served retired and active duty military Soldiers.

45. Currently work for International Students.

46. I have been a Sunday School teacher many times.

47. I am not a good cook.

48. I usually burn the rolls or biscuits.

49. Really, just ask my kids.

50. I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 18.

51. Hey, no need! I just took the subway.

52. I learned how to drive a stick on a Mash look alike green Army jeep.

53. I am afraid of heights. Big time!

54. But, I do get on airplanes; I’m just not crazy about it.

55. I didn’t get on the internet until about the year 2000.

56. I have never broken a bone.

57. I love to read.

58. I’m not big on music, where I have to have it playing 24/7. Even 2/7.

59. Although I like listening to live bands and concerts. I also love to listen to people singing in church.

60. I can play the piano a tad.

61. I wish I could really play it.

62. We have 2 horses.

63. 2 goats

64. Too many cats.

65. Did you know cats multiply quicker than rabbits? Ugh.

66. 1 faithful, obedient dog. (most of the time!)

67. Oh, and one fish. A Beta.

68. We heat our house by wood.


70. Do you know how expensive propane is?

71. My favorite comic strip is For Better or For Worse

72. I have read the Bible through about 6 or 7 times. Possibly more.

73. I need to exercise more,

74. And eat less.

75. My favorite candy is Jujubes.

76. I also am a coffee drinker.

77. But it must have French Vanilla SF creamer in it.

78. I am not too shabby when it comes to organizing.

79. It’s just hard for me to part with things I “think” I might need.

80. I do not have a middle name.

81. I did not know this until I actually-- really looked at my birth certificate in 2007.

82. My middle name was apparently given to me when my parents baptized me as an infant in the Catholic church.

83. I have since changed religions or beliefs.

84. If you are interested in a Bible study, or would like to know what we believe. Email.

85. I had always named my baby dolls, Stephen and Stephanie.

86. I have a real Stephen today.

87. I’ve worked in a prison, but have never been arrested.

88. Whew!

89. I’ve been miraculously healed by God.

90. I have been the recipient of many, many answered prayers.

91. I tend to be a loner.

92. But at the same time wish I had a best friend to hang with.

93. We go to church twice on Sundays.

94. I would love to work overseas with missionaries.

95. But I have never even been outside of the United States.

96. Must be due to the long airplane ride?

97. LOL. Just kidding. They just need to drug me and I’m game.

98. I went on an upside down, double circle roller coaster when I was 7 months pregnant.

99. Yes, the doctor said it was fine.

100. Probably why my daughter has to sit in the front of every ride, and I don't ride anymore.



Blogger Saved By Grace said...

Sorry sis, I have to disagree with you!! You are a wonderful cook!! She makes a wonderful pasta salad, great Italian food, and must I go on?? LOL Love ya!!

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