April 21, 2007
Weekend Meanderings
I took the day off yesterday due to our transportation issues -- because it is just impossible to be in 2 or 3 different places at one time. It is a different time in our lives having teenagers and older children, than little ones at home. Our two older children have jobs. Sarai has her own car and Josh was using an extra -- that is currently out of commission. My husband and I both have our own cars but it is just juggling the two younger guys' activities and work schedule.
It's been fun. NOT!

Then my husband's truck start sputtering and dying yesterday ... which we are praying is just bad gas. It does fine on the highway once it is going -- although not so well on his way to work this morning. Please drop a reminder to the Lord, that we really need his truck operable!!

Said husband, also works every Saturday -- again not by choice -- so his only day is off is Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for his job and his willingness to take care of his family. We're praying the Lord will open up a position with weekends off, but until that time ....
I don't count Sunday as a day off (meaning; goof off) -- and since that is his only day off, sometimes we do have to get things done. ie: Work. I know many people don't believe in working on Sunday at all -- but didn't the Lord heal on the Sabbath? Sometimes things just have to be done. I think the Lord understands. We do normally get a short nap in the afternoon. Which is a blessing!! We have 2 church services on Sunday. Morning and evening, so his day off pretty much equals: hours off.

I ran all my errands yesterday, this morning we have Outreach at church. The house is clean (we do this on Friday afternoon, after work and prior to Prayer Meeting) So, I have cookies to bake for a fundraiser on Monday and our Sunday School class. I also plan on trying the bagels on Tammy's Recipes. I told my husband I was going to make them -- he looked pretty skeptical. No faith in me at all!! Gasp! Due to transportation again, I will probably be vehicle-less this afternoon so hope to accomplish some other things on my to do list.

The weather is finally springish so our Square Foot Garden will be in the ground this week. Yeah! I would really love to can tomatoes -- we use a ton of them every year in recipes.

And hope to get a walk in this evening on my journey towards less weight!

Edited: I re-thought about my post -- and decided I was being a whiner! I did accomplish quite a few things this afternoon -- with no children in the house and no vehicle. When in reality, I didn't really need to go anywhere!!

  1. Made the bagels. Easy.
  2. Made all the cookies. Whew! And I didn't eat one of them.
  3. I did make some extra sugar ones from a package that I found at Wal-Mart for 25 cents. I did eat some of those! Ugh! I told the kids to take them and hide them. LOL!
  4. Made out the menu plan for next week.
  5. Folded the last load of laundry. Everything else is clean.
  6. Planted flowers in the flower box and pot on the porch.
  7. Did some Sunday School things.

And its only 4:23pm. We are having hamburgers tonight -- and I have no buns. So, I am going to try my hand at making some, and while they are rising I will go for a walk. I am going to try Twenty Minute Buns. The reason I chose this recipe is because out of all the ones I searched for, these had the least amount of fat. Not too shabby of an afternoon.

P.S. If you know me, as my husband would say, I can't sit still an relax, I have to be doing something and always feel like if I didn't accomplish anything, I wasted my day. Please -- relax and don't be like me in that regard! Its a hard thing to change! I have too much of a Martha spirit, when I really need a Mary spirit! And it's a beautiful day outside.

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I will be praying for you! Huggles!

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I actually have that problem too due to my anxiety to my severe chronic pain. Relax..what's that!

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