April 28, 2007
Semi Annual Post Wide Yard Sale Blessings!

It was a beautiful day here today! This morning I was awake and out of bed a little after 4 am ... again! ... but this time by my choice. The military installation had its post wide yard sale today.

You really have to be there by 5am -- to find any furniture or big items. We were there before 6am. Its great fun to walk for miles and go to sale after sale! So much better than getting in and out of your car all day. {especially with the price of gas!}

I am officially wore out right now, but did find a few things I needed and a couple of things I wanted.

I had been looking for a Bread Machine -- I've been making all my dough by hand -- which has been a good learning experience for me -- especially since I am new to using yeast so much and making my own from scratch breads. I actually found 2. Yup, two.

You never know if you will find another and my main purpose was for kneading the dough and that it had a manual dough cycle and the first one did. A WestBend for a price tag of $5.00. Not too shabby, considering our Goodwill has raised their prices drastically and never have anything and a new machine could be anywhere in the ball park of $100-200 for a good one. I had been looking at the Zo - but now I am happy I didn't purchase it.

Other finds were:

  • A teddy bear and bumble bee dress for Squirt. I'll post a photo of her wearing it. Its really cute. I guess a lady at that same sale said something to effect "Do you want to fight over that?" I didn't hear her, but my friend did. LOL! Needless to say, its ours and we did not fight.

  • A Tupperware Bagel Keeper. I didn't know Tupperware sold this, and I sell Tupperware. Interested in having a party?

  • a Tupperware Modular Mate to store Bread Flour. I've filled all mine. $1.00

  • 4 Creative Memories purses that you alter -- 25 cents each.

  • 6 Creative Memories punch holders -- 10 cents ea. 3 for me, 3 for Melinda.
  • new package of Business Cards for printing $1.00

  • new package of Sticker Paper $1.00

  • new package of labels $1.00

  • Photo Paper -- 8.5x11 size. $1.00
  • a huge basket with a cloth liner $1.00 (I'll post a photo of this. I had set it down after paying for it and someone picked it up and was going to buy it! Uh, excuse me, I'm sorry I just paid for that. Whew!)
  • a toy dog crate with 2 cute puppy dogs for the Squirt. {wink} Couldn't resist. She will probably attempt to put her real puppy inside it.
I think that was the extent of my finds, until near the end -- and sitting in a box was another Bread Machine. Which looked like it had been used once at the most!! Melinda is good at getting things for less, so I picked up a Breadman Plus for $6.00. Yup -- this was a deal! Its a pretty new machine. We decided that I could sell the other one at the yard sale we'll be having since its a good machine too.

I came home and took a short nap -- and cleaned both machines and tried out both of them!
The Breadman even has a Bagel Dough cycle. Perfect! So, I made another batch of bagels and a batch of Cinnamon Rolls. I have not baked in them yet, so that is for tomorrow or Monday. I'm happy with both of them.

Melinda found all kinds of interesting bargains. Last year I found a water cooler that heats and gives ice cold water. The kind where you put the big huge blue water bottle on top? Its works great and we still use it. My little friends that come to visit call it the water machine.

I am in the market for donut pans and a hamburger pan. I'd like to try making baked low fat donuts. Anyone make these?

All in all -- a good day filled with small blessings given by the Lord! Have a great evening!



You did good on the garage sales! A month ago I could have given you a donut pan. Sorry to say it is long gone! I love my bread machine! I use it a lot for a lot of things including hot roll dough!

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