May 5, 2007
The above photo is my road -- we come off the main highway and onto gravel and way down that road is our house. I usually pray and walk on the road -- and last night when I reached the highway and turned around the sun streaming through the clouds was so beautiful. I always carry my phone so was able to get this shot with it.

If you look in the middle of the photo between the larger openings -- God showed me some images! It was so cool! At first it looked like a man with his arms outstretched reaching down and I felt the presence of the Lord in an awesome way!

I took a photo and as the sun set, things changed in the sky. It next formed into a cross ... and then an angel. I was too busy praising the Lord to get another photo, I wish I did! But the man reaching down is a gentle reminder of God's love and concern for everything that is going on in our lives and that He gave Himself so that we might spend eternity with Him.

My husband has surgery on Wednesday morning, if you would, send a prayer heavenward that everything would go well and that the Lord would keep His hand upon him and guide the hands of the doctor and nurses.



Blogger Sandra said...

Beautiful beautiful photo, isn't it amazing???

I will keep your hubby in my prayers.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Oh that is an awesome photo! thank you for sharing it and your praises!

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