May 16, 2007
Mysti - Sad Update -- Please Pray!
The main vet came today. Her wound is not healing and she has begun to limp. So, its all horsey medical stuff, but in short, she did a really good job of cutting herself. It is so deep that it probably won't re-attach (and it hasn't, its been 10 days)

They probably should have cast it last week, but she's not sure if that would have made a difference. So - they are going to remove the entire flap. She cut deep into the coronary band?

She will be lame unless God intervenes.

Right now -- with the costs of the vet bill and then having a lame horse, I am pretty overwhelmed. We all are.

Please pray specifically -- that the hoof DOES grow. This is the MAJOR thing we need to happen after the fact.

She doesn't get any infection from this.

It all heals up nice and clean and good. We can NOT stall her -- she goes ballistic. So, the Lord needs to help on that.

The Lord helps us with the vet bill.

We find a good home for her and Rowdy. QUICKLY. Rowdy is worth his weight in gold -- and maybe we can sell him for the vet bill, (all would be nice, but its already $300 prior to today) or a vast majority of it.

The vet said she knows someone who is looking for a trail horse -- well Rowdy fits that.
So, please pray God opens the door.

That NOTHING happens to our horses prior to them getting a new home.

At this point -- they could go separately. Just that they go to good homes.

My faith is pretty low right now -- God is more than able. He is no respector of persons or animals.

Please Lord do a work in this animal -- Heal her for your glory! In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.



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