June 16, 2007
Meet Our Resident Goat Herder
I've posted photos of some of our goats before --we have gained a couple since then, and 2 of them pesky critters got out of the fence. We never had that problem with Cowboy and Sam.

We wondered why they were making a racket out there, and Sarai came home, and said "Did you know the goats were out?" "Uh ... no!" Remember that old saying, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? That is alive and well in the lives of some of our goats!

My husband isn't supposed to be running or anything on his foot, since his surgery -- so Stephen, Sarai and I went to the barn to try and corral them. Needless to say ... it did not work!

I opened the gate wide, and then our resident (unbeknown to us!) miniature goat herder started chasing them in, as if she had done that her entire life. {grin} So, now in addition to Chipper, we have another cow/goat dog.

She actually LOVES to chase the cats around the yard too -- just for fun, it seems. And they run like crazy to get away from her. It is hilarious watching them, we have our own entertainment!

Can you see her chasing them? She went back later to chase them off. She is behind the white ones.

My husband obtained a couple of Boer goats -- and I have to say that these are destructive!

Cowboy and Sam must be an exception or something -- because they never did this! There used to be leaves at the bottom ... and for some reason this goat (who does not have a name, because she is not a pet) likes to hang out in the middle of it.

Here are a few more photos of life outside our house ...

One of hubby's baby guineas -- only 2 survived his care ...

Rowdy ... I sure do miss him. Although probably not as much as Mysti though. She is still pining for him -- supposed to come on the 25th for her. Pray all goes well with that!

Here is our current lonely lady ...I think the goats help, so I am thankful for them.



That is a great post! i love the new goat herder! LOL! Lovely pictures!

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