February 29, 2008
Encouragement ...
Stephen after he received his "restricted" drivers license -- so its still safe out there! LOL!

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass;
its about learning to dance in the rain.


February 22, 2008
Around the Web #2 ....
Its been another week of snow, sleet and frigid temperatures here in Kansas ... joy of joys!! I know the Lord tells us to be thankful in all things ... so I am glad it will help destroy all the germs going around. Strep and the flu have been in our neck of the woods!! Yuck!
My co-worker accepted another job ... that is a good thing for both of us. Who will replace her is a scary thought!
I've been rescuing goats this week, some of the big guys are fighting and pushing the little ones into the hay feeder or knocking it over on top of them! I'm not sure how I get their horns unstuck ... well I guess I do ... I PRAY!!
I've come across a few interesting tidbits this past week that might be helpful ... or just fun.
Eye Candy!
Present Past Collection -- the essence of the modern vintage lifestyle
In the Kitchen

Make the Most of What's in Your Pantry
-- Just select what items you have available, and it will give you suggested recipes to use up those ingredients!!
Barbecue Beef on Buns from The Sparrow's Nest Looks yum and easy!
31 Days of Praying for your Husband -- I need to do some of these specifically, I do pray for my husband daily + -- Its a downloadable PDF file, so you can print it and have it handy.
8 Foods that you should Eat everyday! -- I've slacked off (again!) on eating better but have done better this week. My boss and I were brain storming how we could get some of these foods in our daily diet. He is the one who showed me this article. Walnuts are just not my thing!
Dog Tricks -- this is so fun!! type in a command and see what happens... sit, roll over, down, stand, sing, dance, shake, fetch, play dead etc. and...it's also very cute if you type in a command that's not recognized...!! Make sure you type in 'Kiss' too, but do it last.


February 15, 2008
No internet ...

Gotta' love our internet service provider ... I have been investigating a new service and we will probably go that route shortly. Its hard for my son to get his school work done when he needs the internet to take the exams!! Ugh!

Its been a full week of appointments ... doctors, physical therapy, dentists ... I honestly do not care for being that busy with stuff.
My hub's birthday is on Valentine's Day so we normally just do his birthday which is what we did yesterday ... after my root canal! Ugh! I should not have scheduled it because I was not feeling the best ... but we did well. I made him lasagna (pre-made it in the early morning hours) and a cake (yes, from a mix -- he really likes strawberry so ...) We played some card games but about 10 -- this girl was ready for bed.

Josh had the "thing" removed from his nose this week -- they called today and said it was a ruptured cyst and its not malignant, so we are thankful for that. He has quite a few stitches -- more than I thought, but I'm not a plastic surgeon so he knows best on how skin heals ...
My co-worker accepted a job at another office -- so I will be solo in 2 weeks or so. I need to start praying about the new person they hire ... we are in the slow period right now so but the class size is increasing coming May. I can handle all the pre-arrival tasks fine .. but I will be hard pressed to in-process them. You really need 2 people for that.
Above is a photo of my hub and me that someone gave him the other day ... looking at the clothes I am wearing -- I would say that either I am pregnant with Joshua or Stephen but I am thinking more towards Joshua -- (I remember different maternity clothes with Stephen) so it would be about 18 years ago ... times flies like the wind.
Its a holiday weekend and I am hoping for some nice -- warmer weather ... and glorious sunshine! Have a great weekend and maybe we'll be connected .... Lord Bless ...


February 11, 2008
Ashley Kate
I have asked prayer before for Ashley Kate -- please pray for this liitle pickle, she is back in Omaha at the hospital who did her transplants -- and is not doing well at this moment. Pray for her mom (who is with her) and her dad, brother and sister who are at home in Texas, as well.

She has spent 6 weeks at home -- and God is more than able to bring her back home again.



February 8, 2008
Around the Web ....
I usually come across quite a few interesting web finds -- and thought I would post once a week all my interesting finds.


Heritage Recipes -- Lots of old fashioned recipes and traditions.

Homemade Calzones -- from I Have to Say -- I usually make them with pizza dough but this dough just looks softer. Give them a try, they are really good. I grew up eating them from New York Pizzerias and they were stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheese with sausage and or pepperoni. Yum!

Convenience Mixes -- This mini-book is full of recipes for mixes you can make yourself. It really is less expensive as well as healthier (unless of course with coupons its free!)

Oatmeal Crispies -- super good. I love The Pioneer Woman Cooks -- next time I may substitute 1/2 cup of wheat pastry flour for 1/2 all-purpose. My boys devoured a bag and my husband loved these too! I must have raisins in my homemade oatmeal cookies so I added those as well and skipped the nuts.


Interesing Article from The Simple Dollar Little Steps: 100 Great Tips For Saving Money For Those Just Getting Started


Valentine Tree Plaque from The Homespun Heart (I liked how she made her background words from scripture. She always has recipes and crafts and posts about home life, and they were just blessed with a new baby boy last month.


February 6, 2008
A bit more snow ....
The KC weatherman was correct this time ... quite a bit of snow came down!! It rained all day yesterday then about 8pm it started snowing ... and it hasn't quit yet! Lots of wind blowing and drifts. Here is the french door in the living room looking out.

I took this thru the door window to show what a wonderful snowy day we are having! {again}
Late start for me at work, schools closed ... but of course the US Postal Service true to its motto never closes, so hub braved the weather and roads and left as usual. Made it there safe and sound. Thankfully.

Debating whether I will even go in to work today -- there isn't anything major going on and I would just as soon stay inside ... my supervisor was on a tangent yesterday so this might be a good thing to avoid today! I have 5 minutes to decide before I need to get showered and dressed!


February 5, 2008
Bum Rap!
I may need to apologize to my Ortho doctor! Whenever I go for a follow-up, I complain to my husband that my arm hurts after seeing him. This evening standing in the kitchen talking to my hub, I mentioned how my arm was hurting again. (I had an appointment yesterday afternoon)

He raised his eyebrows -- and glanced out the window ( a window filled with rain ... )

.... impish grin ...

Here I have been blaming Dr. Robinson -- when I should be blaming the weatherman!!

I am now officially able to determine if rain is on the horizon ... wonderful skill, don't you think?

Image courtesty of FreeFoto


February 2, 2008
Cars, Teeth and Sunshine!

It went from 7 degrees this week -- with an almost blizzard looking day to 45 degrees today. It is so true about Kansas when they say " If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it'll change"

My car ... I guess this would be considered good news?? I did not have to use the warranty! The bad news it was all OUT OF POCKET. {sigh} After the rental car, the towing and the repair -- the damage was a minor $655.02. [deep breath} Apparently when my husband brought it to get the oil changed -- or it could have possibly been the at the oil change prior (both with the same company) -- the dealer stated that the transmission filter was crushed for removal --- but someone screwed it back in. Well -- that doesn't work, not when you crushed it with a wrench to remove it. So all the tranny fluid was leaking out when I was driving from the movement. I wish they had TOLD us about the mistake -- but they didn't. We are now in the process of trying to get them to cover the bills for this. That is quite a bit of money -- and it would have cost maybe $185 had they mentioned their ... uh mistake. The transmission filter was $185! The service manager said they never replace it -- even during flushes. {deep breath} I have my car back and a huge bill to pay off in 30 days. Help me pray they take care of this before the due date without any drama. That they just send me the check and call it done is my hope.

I had a major toothache on Thursday night -- I am a total wimp when my teeth hurt. My hub's dentist thankfully saw me on Friday at noon -- I have a huge infection and am now on antibiotics. More dental work to follow -- that we are thankful hub's job offered dental insurance for the FIRST time this year and we signed up is an understatement. I only had to pay the $10 co-pay for the medicine. How awesome is that? Plus -- since I put hub's name as a referral they gave a $50 credit to his account. {grin}

Sunny day today ... Josh working and Stephen had a forensic tournament. Who would have ever thought he would love to recite and do prose in front of people. He does a great job of changing his voice for the parts ... he ended up with a cold on Thursday and was still stuffed up for today but received an amazing job from one of the judges. Scores were pretty good.

The days are staying lighter longer in Kansas -- and I am looking forward to spring. I plan on a bigger garden this year - and will do another Square Foot garden. We have 4 boxes built -- and I know what to improve. I am hoping to freeze some of it -- nice healthy organic veggies!
I need to start the seeds in those little containers ... but have yet to get to Wa-Mart. I do try not to make extra trips due to gas prices but Wal-Mart is across from our church so Sunday will find us there.

Week's agenda -- Lots of errands -- Ortho doctor on Monday, laser surgery on the eye Tuesday, church Wednesday and PT (finally) on Thursday. She has a new brace for my arm -- but due to scheduling I have not been able to see her. After the moist heat and therapy -- my arm does great -- it just needs to STAY that extended!!

Do you ever have those days you just want to stay home and let the world slow down? That is where I am right now. Have a blessed Lord's Day!!
(Photo courtesy of iStock Photo)