February 6, 2008
A bit more snow ....
The KC weatherman was correct this time ... quite a bit of snow came down!! It rained all day yesterday then about 8pm it started snowing ... and it hasn't quit yet! Lots of wind blowing and drifts. Here is the french door in the living room looking out.

I took this thru the door window to show what a wonderful snowy day we are having! {again}
Late start for me at work, schools closed ... but of course the US Postal Service true to its motto never closes, so hub braved the weather and roads and left as usual. Made it there safe and sound. Thankfully.

Debating whether I will even go in to work today -- there isn't anything major going on and I would just as soon stay inside ... my supervisor was on a tangent yesterday so this might be a good thing to avoid today! I have 5 minutes to decide before I need to get showered and dressed!



That is so pretty!

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