January 26, 2008
Super Saving Saturday! ( Very Sweet Deals ...)
I was passing Homeland Store -- and decided to pop in and take advantage of some inexpensive cereal. Captain Crunch was on sale for $1.50 this week, and I had five 50 cents off coupons. What I did not know is that they will ONLY double the first one on repetitive coupons. So ... they were kind enough to do 5 transactions. 5 boxes of cereal for $2.50 is okay with me. Not the most healthy but .... a need right now. (one box is not in the photo)

Then I stopped by CVS -- I didn't really have a plan in mind but one thing we lack after months of CVS shopping is deodorant, so I took advantage of that and the M&Ms deal (of course!) I must admit that I do have plans for some of them .... but since some of the recipients read my blog -- you will have to wait and see. I need a filler on the second transaction and found some gummy sharks for 10 cents a bag.

First Transaction:
10 Bags of M&Ms
2 Mennen Deodorant
ECBs gained: 18.99
OOP: .47 cents
Total savings: $38.45 (according to receipt)
Second Transaction:
2 Mennen Deodorant
1 Dove Deodorant
5 bags Gummy Sharks
ECBs gained: 7.98
OOP .57 cents
Total Savings: 15.43 (according to receipt)
ECBs on hand: (including above ) $48.97
I think that is a good number to have -- I did have over $120 but purchased 2 of those office chairs that were on special a week or so ago.
And visit Money Saving Mom for some links to great savings!!



Blogger Shari said...

Wow. What good deals. I remember when I was a teenager, my dad had a bunch of frozen burrito coupons. Every time we got near the grocery store, the whole family would go in to each get a burrito for 5 cents. It was a great way to get cheap protein, but as a teenager, I wasn't too thrilled about doing it.

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