January 7, 2008
2008 ...uh what happened to 2007?
Not sure where the remaining weeks of 2007 went! I was off from work and the Internet decided to act up -- so no posting and barely reading of blogs.

Lots has happened since Christmas -- our Christmas Scavenger Hunt went great -- I'll post some of the clues my husband came up with -- a few had the kids stumped for a while.

This past week has brought much flu sickness to our household -- Stephen, Josh and Sarai were all sick and my hub is sick now. {sigh} I am desperately praying that the Lord spares from me this mess -- its not pretty. Josh took Stephen to Bible Quizzing tonight and I asked him to pick up some Oscillococcinum at CVS. Our Pastor says this works great.

Melinda became a grandma on December 29Th for the first time -- a tad 6 weeks earlier than expected. I ended up taking her to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night because her daughter had her younger children for Christmas break and that baby came quick -- she was not messing around! The baby was on her way out the door to the waiting helicopter for a midnight ride when we arrived. She is still in the NICU but is doing great -- this is a miracle baby -- so the Lord has everything in control. She sure can eat and I have dubbed her "Piglet". I will share a photo of her little hand that I took on New Year's Day -- I am sure Melinda will share photos soon.
Christmas was fun and amazingly enough I was feeling pretty good -- we had to wait for Sarai to pick up my brother before we opened presents and Stephen decided that we are NOT doing that next year, after all it was about 10:30 am!! Silly boy.

Christmas was nice and Josh remembered about my birthday at the 5pm mark -- sometimes that boy tests you beyond belief, but he sure can lay on the charm when he wants to!

Scavenger Hunt Hints

JOY to the world. (A joy word sign on the window -- present hidden behind)

You fixed it, then I fixed it, just so Stephen could have it. (Josh had fixed his dresser drawer, then my hub had to fix it, and then Josh moved out of that room and the dresser became Stephen''s. He got that pretty quick.

It goes round and round. (this was the dryer -- although it could have been alot of places)

Photo Sharing

Josh gave me the Pooh for Christmas, my hub gave me Tigger last Christmas. Now I need Piglet and Eeyore! They are pretty tall -- a little over 2 feet I would think.

Sarai's gag gift hat -- my brother behind her and nosey Mini on the back of the couch. Sarai L.O.V.E.S PINK.
Josh with a Wii. Sarai stood in line till midnight to get one on Saturday night before Thanksgiving and didn't tell us about it at all. Thankfully she did not go alone and was escorted to her car. Whew!! I've played it and its really fun. I like the bowling.
Sarai received a gift card from someone at her work and YES, she found and bought a PINK Monopoly game. Crazy!!
Stephen with his new hoodie -- this was the the Black Friday early morning trip to JCPenney. (I can't believe how TALL that boy is getting!)


Aside from fighting some bugs -- the weather has been extremely cold until this past Saturday, today it was 53 and all the snow melted into slushy, yucky mud.

I have applied for some other jobs-- I really like my job -- but honestly I'm looking for a higher position. We shall see, I get alot of people telling me about how they have this job and want me there, but have yet to see it. We have in-processing registration and an evening to work this week, so it will be a full week.

Josh is almost done with his school work for his Senior Year -- he had a LOT to turn into the school today and truly by the grace of God was he able to get it done. He was pretty sick, but we had prayed for grace. God granted it.

Stephen is skipping concert band this semester and taking Forensics -- he likes speaking in front of people -- and doing skits and things like that.

Sarai is working hard -- too hard probably, lots of required overtime over an already full schedule.

Goats, Guineas and Pups are all doing well.

I have started physical therapy for my elbow and have a splint for night wear -- my extension is 38 degrees. Just for the record normal is 0 degrees, so I have a way to go. There are some calcium deposits tat have started but hopefully no more and none that impede the mobility of my arm!

Quick Prayer -- When we bought our Subaru Outback they offered us this deal that if you bought the extended warranty and did NOT use, they would give you the money back after you hit the 100K or time. We were blessed in never having to use it, and now they are giving up the run around about returnig our money. I'd rather God fight this battle, but if He desires us to go to court to get it back, then so be it.


Whew! Lots going on! Keep working hard on that elbow! I know you can do it! I will be your cheerleader! LOL! Love and huggles!

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