December 1, 2007
Saturday Blues!
Once again, I have been non-blog-existent. {sigh} I do have reasons - one I had to evening events that I had to work, and my usual 430 am wake up makes for some very long days.

I had a good cry this morning --
1. I miss my mom today, she will be gone 2 years in February. The doctor said the grieving process takes 2 years where it is not a daily pain. Unfortunately she's right. I know she is in a better place with no pain and able to breath without her struggles.

2. as I tried to use my right arm I realized how much mobility in it I>DO.NOT.HAVE. It frightens me, and just makes me feel a tad overwhelmed. Maybe due to the limitations it has put on me.

I think I can work around everything EXCEPT putting my hair up. My hair is a tad long ... past my seat {sorry} and its long because I know the Lord wants it this way. I will not debate this with anyone, its scripture and that is the end of the story. Look it up, if you feel so inclined. But I usually wear it up -- that's been near to impossible. My husband helps with my hair, but that is out of his league and to be honest, it just frustrates me because he can't do it right! He tries and

Please pray that the Lord restores MUCH MORE mobility in it -- I can't even reach up and touch my shoulder -- it just does not bend. I'm trying to be patient, is a daily struggle, if not an hourly struggle. I wonder if I will have to deal with chronic pain associated with it, I put off taking any pain medication, because number one it makes me depressed and I don't need the added help. And I can not do that for the rest of my life ... I realized I'm 41 years old ... Lord willing I will still have 20 years left if the Lord should tarry. 20 LONG years of limitations.
Then I realize how selfish I am -- because it could be SO MUCH WORSE. I have made the decision to trust in God for a healing ... {Soon as I typed that pain flared up in my arm -- how like the enemy!} But I have made my decision and I am going to hang on to that with everything I have. Please pray for me. {{{{Hugs}}}}

Its a cold, rainy, icy day here in Kansas. The weather man promises it will get better. I pray so! I have a list a mile long to accomplish and much of it is outside this house. Its still coming down and the weather really isn't good for any thing other than emergency needs. And getting more wood for the wood stove.

Pepperoni and Eggs -- have you ever tried this? Yum! You just lay some slices in a pan and heat and add some eggs and cook till heated through. A comfort food for me. I come from an Italian family and this is things I ate growing up. Its so good! {smile} A good reminder of my mom making this for me. I HATED eggs of any kind growing up -- except for this. Silly me.
A recipe and this image is courtesy of All Recipes.
I'm blessed and so are you -- I just sometimes forget. Love ya!

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Oh sweetie sometimes things just hit you all at once. Been there done that. My mom has been gone since I were 9 and even at age 48 now I still have a good cry over missing her even now. but then i tell myself think of all the fun you had while you had her here and I feel better. I wish I were close, i would come do your hair every morning. Really i would!!!! I know it isn't the same as doing it yourself. I bet your hair is so pretty. Mine is still growing out but I am working on it. the back part is just nearly long enough to but up. Just a bit more growing! Hey, don't fret to much with the elbow thing. it will take time but you will get good use back in it. just takes time. They said I would never walk without a cane after my leg was severely broken. Ha! i fooled them! i do walk without a cane. have to have a built up shoe and an ankle brace but I zip along pretty good even with my limp! So there world and Doctor's! LOL! Sorry, had to get that out! love ya hon and praying for you too!

Thanks much girlfriend -- you have helped. I think it was just everything ya know? Add a little (ALOT) tiredness .... and whining! I WISH you did live closer you could teach me so many crafty things! My son and I did get out and did some Christmas shopping -- of course a few things were parts to handmade items and i need to get cracking. Hugs and love back at ya!!

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Sending prayers up to Jesus to comfort you and fill your days with abundant blessings. I found your blog through another and it's lovely. :o) Pepperoni and eggs sound YUMMO!

Praying that you enjoy a bright and beautiful Christmas!

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Hope you are feeling better

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