October 26, 2007
God is so awesome sometimes -- (well He is all the time, I just neglect to see it sometimes!) My hub went to B*st Buy yesterday to exchange the laptop and they told him that, they were sorry but we were out of luck on the hard drive from the old one. (sigh) At first I was angry, and then I was a little overwhelmed as there were photos I had not backed up on there, tax return records (we do our own) and things like that.

This morning when I was praying, I prayed a simple prayer. "Lord can you please have them find that hard drive?" With everything else going on, this felt like another ton sitting on my chest.

Talked to hub at lunch today and he said " B*st Buy called, said they found it, bring whatever you have to transfer the information!" Imagine that? How awesome is that? Thank you Lord!

Side note: Please pray for one of our international officers, his mom is very ill, and he is here and she is thousands of miles away. He does not have the funds to make the trip home, he is hurting and she is suffering greatly. Please pray that God has His way and takes care of that family. My heart hurts for him.

Pray for my children -- that they obey the voice of God. They are truly in a battle -- its a spiritual battle, but my faith and my trust are in Jesus Christ. The creator and giver of life. I am believing Him for great things!


Figured I would put some faces with names when you pray!

Thanks so very much!!!

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Loved the photos and I will be praying!

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