October 8, 2007
Guineas, the Spirit of Christmas Award and trying to find!?
Our guineas did not venture from their home all day Sunday. I usually pray and walk down the road in the mornings, but it was raining pretty hard so I ventured to the barn. I was kind of surprised to see about 10 very wet guineas sitting outside on the board. How silly. They did venture a little further today and were on the ground in the goat pen scrounging around for bugs and making a racket !!

We moved our oldest into her first apartment today ... it was bitter sweet. It was hard not to be excited for her! We are now on the lookout for more furniture for the place.

I was blessed with an award from one of my favorite bloggers! I wonder if she knows I was born on Christmas Day! How sweet! It was for the Spirit of Christmas Award!

What is the Spirit of Christmas you ask? Quite simply it is those that have a generous and giving nature. Those who care about others. Those who have a kind word to say or a broad shoulder to lean on in the times that others need that. Those who display the "Spirit of Christmas".

I will of course have to give it right back to Michelle, I don't think this side of heaven she will ever know how much she has encouraged my weary soul lately.

Melinda at Saved by Grace ; Iris at Sting my Heart, and Debbie from Shortybears Place. They always have a kind word to bless my soul, even in the midst of their own trials. Please visit here to get the proper code and pass on this award to others.

I was at the thrift store on Saturday and saw the coolest box -- it had a Snowman with a hanging sign that had Peace, Love and Joy. I made these out of papers about 5 years ago -- I saw the idea and copied it, I even had the star, tree and heart punched with my scrapbook punches, never knowing that there were figurines and throws with this image. I made quite a few and need to find them so I can scan one in to show you all!
Well, I would love a figurine of a snowman holding the signs -- kind of like this photo:

I am pretty experienced finding things on the Internet, but this one eludes even me!
I found the throws, and t-shirts, but I would love a figurine! Anyone know of a source? All my Google hits ended up with product not available. {sigh}
Does anyone still have the Snowman Punch with the stick figure arms? I didn't have the punch back then but would love to make some more of them.

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I don't know where to find them sweetie. Sorry. And bless you for your kind words1 Love ya like a sister ya know!

Blogger Saved By Grace said...

I am by no means worthy of this gift, but I say thank you!! You are so precious to me and my family!! Always there for us! My shoulder to lean on!! Jo just can't live without her "mommy"!

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