October 1, 2007
My Pasta Salad Recipe ...
... is low in fat and frugal and tastes good and it was put up on The Adli Queen website! How cool is that? It's funny how the Lord uses little things to brighten your day. This was a little sunshine peaking from behind the clouds!



Blogger Halei said...

Hey, I stumbled across your blog from splatdesigns's website. I LOVE your template and was wondering if you could point me to who designed it! I check out splats website, but didnt see this template in her portfolio!! Yours is BEAUTIFUL!!
you can email me at hales606@aim.com

ps-i think i'm going to have to try that recipe :)


Blogger Crystal said...

I love this pasta salad! It's so easy to make & tastes great!!! My mom gave me the recipe several months back. YUM! :o)

Well now that is a day brightener! huggles!

Blogger Saved By Grace said...

This is the absolute best pasta salad!! I love when you make it... I always get some, LOL!! Love ya!

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