September 29, 2007
Country Living ...

I grew up in the city .... Brooklyn, New York to be exact. City sounds, dogs barking, sirens of police, fire and ambulance were always in the myriad of noises you heard on a daily basis. I could sleep through everything! I took the Subway to work each day. My husband and I were like the couple from Green Acres after we married and left the military --- he wanted country life and I wanted city life!! He did not want any part of city life.
So here we are ... country life. An old farm house in the process of being remodelling (very slowly!), a barn, hay, goats, quineas ... a dirt road!! Fast forward 20+ years and living in a small town whose name is hard to pronounce -- and peace and quiet reigns. About midnight last night, I was laying there trying to figure out WHY and WHAT was keeping me awake. It is so very quiet out here -- the creak of someone stepping on a stair jolts me awake!!

The neighbors' dogs were barking and barking .... my immediate concern was for them, because this NEVER happens, they don't normal bark unless something is on their territory. I finally fell asleep to their barking and woke at 6am to them continuing to bark. Of course, our goats were hollering because on Saturdays, it is my job to feed them. Ugh! Nothing like the sound of one of the female goats -- she sounds like a horn -- a very off key horn!!

How spoiled I have become - when the barking of dogs keep me awake. What sounds keep you awake?



It would be the neighbor's dogs barking that wakes us up. And sometimes the smell of the neighborhood skunk! GAG!

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