October 6, 2007
Quinea Steps ...
They never did make it outside their coop last night, although about 9pm they were all hanging on the opening roosting.

This morning, a lone white guinea was on the board my husband put up. But, when I went to feed the goats, about half of them were outside on that board!

A little closer so you can see how ugly, oh I mean how cute they are! (Not!) And you can see that they were all watching me. They did fine until I came around the corner from inside the barn with a huge pile of hay for Billy and Sam. I guess I stirred them all up and they were squawking and carrying on, they ended up on the roof and the hot wire!! Then feathers were flying! Quite a few ended up in the goat pen and when I went in there they just stood there looking at me. Now they are all, once again inside the coop. How funny! Not quite sure about this whole world business!


That world is a big ole scary place to them! I think they are funny AND cute!

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