October 5, 2007
Our Guineas have finally been set free ...
... after months of being contained in one form or
another. There is a lesson in this -- the Lord showed me this morning as I anxiously waited for them to leave their coop.

It is now 2:06 pm and they still have NOT left it!
Remember these tiny babies -- and of course the cats eating the first ones for lunch! Ugh!
Well there are now 21 -- not so tiny babies any more.

Here they are in their coop -- my husband took the chicken wire off the hole leading to the outside about 730 this morning. (FYI: they are much cuter when they are Keats!)
Here is one brave soul -- she is on the ledge to the opening! (that chain link is on a goat pen right outside the coop area) but they can fly.

When I went to visit, a few more were brave and were by the opening -- they weren't trusting the outside world just yet and ended up back on the ground.

About 11:00 I peeked out the kitchen door and saw them hanging out the opening so I put my distance lens on my camera so I could watch and I was hoping to get some photos of their flight to freedom -- but it was to no avail. They all went back in and there has not been a guinea in sight!
You can see a bit of white in the middle of the photo above and that is Billy. Original, huh? {eye roll} Stephen named him.

Billy and Sam currently live in that pen. Soon Billy will be visiting some lovely lady goats and enjoying his young goat hood and in the early spring we will be having some kids. We already have 3 sold! Sam basically keeps Billy company right now -- we felt bad he had to be all alone. Sam does not get to enjoy any goat hood -- he is one of our pets along with Cowboy, the rest are to make some money from! Cowboy is hanging out with 3 of the ladies right now in the field behind our house.

This cutie is Billy ... he is very sweet. I hope he doesn't get mean and unfriendly. And this is Josh and my goat ... Sam
This is a very interesting site about raising guineas so that they do not leave their home and has some great photos of guineas. We are hoping we did everything correctly and once free they will go back into their coop at night to sleep and nest. We have so many bugs out here, so they should start eating them instead of feed! 21 guineas eat A LOT of feed!

Stayed tuned for a little Bible Lesson about the Care and Raising of Guineas/Kids!

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Blogger Crystal said...

I love how Mini's ears stick up! :) So cute!!

Love the goats! Poor guineas just don't know what to make of freedom do they? They will get the idea soon enough.

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