October 22, 2007
Monday Madness!
We woke to the sound of rain during the night and a chill in the air. I miss my morning walk when its raining -- but Mini, Little Cat and I just hung out in the mudroom to talk to the Lord.

My brother has moved into his own place -- so our house feels empty. But in a week or so it will be the norm. One thing I do plan on doing is getting back on the right eating plan -- he always brought home fattening foods! A lot of things well by the wayside after my brother's unexpected arrival, but I plan on getting back on track. Starting today!!

First here's my menu plan --
Baking: (I love colder weather to bake in!)


  • Josh isn't feeling well today, so please pray for him.
  • My co-workers daughter, Kaitlyn was in a small bike accident in August, which lacerated her pancreas -- she is in the hospital once again because it is not draining, and she developed a staph infection. (MRS*A) Please pray for God to heal this young girl and open their hearts to the Lord.
  • Pray for our family -- for wisdom in dealing with teenagers and hub's job situation.

Thanks -- you are appreciated more than you know!!

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Keeping you in my prayers! Katie and I missed our morning walk as well. it was in the 80's yesterday and today it is chilly and raining. BRRRR! Katie is tucked happily under a blanket.

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