October 10, 2007
Waiting on Wednesday...
For the Sears repair man that is! We purchased a "new" stove when our son was working for Sears, and they were closing their store in town. The only stoves we have had were old ones that came with the houses we lived in, or were garage sale finds -- and the one in this house was one we purchased for $15 at a yard sale. It worked fine. Hub and I had been wanting a flat top but the prices were just not reasonable. So, the Lord blessed us with this one at less than half the cost of a brand new one and we were able to use the 10% off employee discount. This stove was the LAST one in the store! It slow cooks, has a warming drawer, it is self cleaning and one side of the top rack lifts off for turkeys and huge baking projects. I took the photo kind of slanted! It has worked great for the last year and in the last month we found that the front burner on the left died! We did not buy an extended warranty and we had thought the one year warranty was over, but Josh reminded us that we bought it in October, so we called them in the nick of time! How like the Lord, really to take care of the little things.
So they are coming ... some time between 8 am and 5pm.

I thought I would be productive, so I am posting my list so I can be more accountable. Plus the more I do today, leaves me less for the weekend. My resident duster has moved out, so the job now falls to me. Two jobs I despise are dusting and cleaning the bathroom. Not sure why, but they are not my favorites.

Side Note: The guineas are locked back in their coop. After asking the experts they said to lock them back in for 2 more weeks. Basically they said that guineas are stupid and need to be trained. I personally don't think they are that dumb, just hard headed like some humans I know.

My Very Long List ....
  1. Steam Clean Carpets (Living Room/Hall) 3pm update -- Done!
  2. Touch Up Paint - Bathroom
  3. Touch Up Paint - Kitchen
  4. Wash Kitchen Floor 3pm update -- Done
  5. Figure Budget for Son 3pm update -- Done
  6. Figure Our Budget for this week - DONE
  7. Clean off kitchen counters -- DONE
  8. Laundry -- One Load Left 3pm update -- Done
  9. Clean off shelf in Mudroom (pending # 12 for baskets!) Not happening today, no #12
  10. Trash out for tomorrow's bi-weekly pick up -- Noon Update - Done!
  11. Clean out both refrigerators -- (stuff for trash not deep clean) Noon Update - Done!
  12. Dollar General Run -- if Sears comes before school out -- Sears came at 245!
  13. Coupons / Sales for the week. Visit Money Saving Mom for help. She is in Kansas too.
  14. Wash Car - DONE
  15. Vac Car Noon Update - Done!
  16. Spot Clean car with Steam Cleaner or Folex ( works great) Noon Update - Done!
  17. Bake Cookies -- Noon Update - Done!
  18. Shower 3pm update -- Done
  19. Dinner Noon Update - Chicken Marinating and rice cooked for fried rice
  20. De clutter something! 3pm update -- Done Boxes in kitchen.
  21. Noon Update - Done! -- clean windows on outside doors
  22. Noon Update - Done! -- clean spice bottles
  23. Noon Update - Done! Swept porch and outside!

Noon Update - can you tell I am putting off the carpets!? UGH!! Off to start them ...

I can probably quadruple this list for things that we need to accomplish -- but I am overwhelmed as it is!

3pm update -- well I didn't get the touch up paint jobs done -- its about 3:22 pm and we have Bible Study tonight. So dinner is in the oven, we usually have something quick but since I was here lazing today I am making chicken! I am boiling some hard boiled eggs for lunches for my husband and mixing up some tuna -- (but need to get bread on the way home from church tonight!) I did quite a few other little jobs and I am wore out. Melinda even motivated me to get on the treadmill. And the Sears guy made it and the stove is working again.



What a day you had! Sounds like you were quite busy!

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