October 24, 2007
Wonderful Wednesday!
Just a few things to share today ... do you remember the brand spanking new laptop I just picked up on Saturday (as in 4 days ago?) -- well its dead. Yup, dead. Won't charge, won't do zip. {insert huge sigh} so off I go back to B*st Buy. I would really just like a NEW one, not to send this one off to be repaired as I have obviously obtained another lemon! Ugh!!

I found this really neat Cooking Light Blog -- I can do food, but I LOVE desserts and she has some wonderful recipes and photos! Lemon Pound Cake, yum! Lots of goodies.

If you know me personally you know I have a sweet tooth, well quite a few and I LOVE candy.

I'm not a big chocolate fan -- I just get moods for that, but my two very favorite candies are 1. Jelly Beans. Sour Jelly Bellys are the best! Yum! and 2. Jujubes! Love these things, but I don't buy them often because I will ear the entire box!
What is your favorite candy? Share with us!
O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalms 34:8 KJV
Thanks for your prayers -- they have made all the difference, I can see the hand of the Lord at work!!



Give me my necco wafers and I am a happy camper or jelly beans1

Anonymous Charity McEntire said...

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Blogger John said...

That Cooking Light Blog, Cooking Done Light moved to http://cookingdonelight.com

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