November 18, 2007
My Accident ... I guess
I can call it that, because I definitely did not plan it! About 520 am Thursday morning I showered, my usual routine. I always leave 2 towels on the toilet because its easy to get to. I wrapped my hair in one and then proceeded to dry off with the other. Well, I didn't like that one, {I know -- a towel is a towel, but its really not!} So, I scooted over to the other side of the tub and reached out for another ... as I reached out I lost my balance a bit and went to grab for the peg to catch myself. That blasted peg came right out of the hole and down I went!

It wasn't pretty after that. My arm was twisted off to the side and I could not lift it, and started screaming for my husband. Yes, I totally wimped out -- I felt so "weird" -- sick, sweating profusely and really bad so quickly. My hub was trying to get me up and dressed before all that adrenaline left and the real pain began. If it didn't end up being so awful -- it could have gotten an award for a comedy act!

We did manage to get me in a skirt, socks, slippers and hubs bathrobe. LOL Melinda saved me by bringing me some tops at the emergency room. I am sure I ruined her day off! But she saved my modesty! Ugh!

The ER nurses were so helpful -- AFTER I got past the receptionist who wanted to know why I couldn't pick up the phone to tell them what was wrong. No chance at all that I was letting my right arm out of my lefts hold so it could swing like a pendulum! {eye roll}

I ended up dislocating it and cracking the elbow. They put me out to put it back in place. Thankfully!! I have to wonder if that caused more damage? The ER doc did NOT want to do it, and he never had to because he went off shift, {sigh} They called an ortho doctor who said it had to be put back ... and so they did.

That same ortho doc made room reservations at another hospital and said I would need surgery. Off we went -- only to find out that I would need replacement parts so surgery was scheduled for the next morning. I did not want to stay there!

Melinda and her hub came up to see me -- and brought me a Coke Zero and Lemon heads, and our Pastor and his wife too.

I made it thru the night at the last thing I remember was one of the docs saying "I am going to give you something to make you sleepy ..." And waking up in recovery. LOL

Minutes after I fell my husband was in the bathroom, praying and I felt God's hand upon the situation ... I'm not sure of the reason for it all, but perhaps someday it will be revealed to us.

Back to the doctor on Monday -- thank for your prayers!!!



I am only thankful you weren't hurt worse dear friend! I am still keeping you in my prayers and thoughts.

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