October 27, 2007
Saturday Savings!
First, B*st Buy wanted to charge us $100 to back up the hard drive -- and before I even got frustrated, the Lord showed me that I just needed to ask for my hard drive back. So I did, and I have it in my possession and can ask someone at work to get the files off that I need. I can not put it in my laptop or it will void the warranty that I just paid for! ugh!

It was a good day for savings, the Lord blessed! Even more than I thought. I even asked the cashier if she was sure that was correct! Silly! Here's a photo of my purchases, not very much when you look at it, but check out the breakdown of cost and savings. (click breakdown)

Total OOP $1.63. Plus $21 Extra Care Bucks back. If you will notice on the Triple A batteries -- there is a $1.00 instant savings coupon right on the package that I did not see until I made it home! {sigh} I did a previous deal for the 3 Tylenol earlier in the week (thanks to Melinda!) and OOP was $2.11 and $10 ECBs. Not to shabby. I had to get some Pumpkin Peeps for the squirt.

Here is a photo I took of Mini last night, she sleeps at the top of the chair and she was out cold! She has such a hard life ... {eyeroll} Keeping busy so I don't have a lot of time to think! Stopped at a bread outlet and they had Sara Lee Bagels for 75 cents a bag! And Whole Grain White bread for 60 cents. I really like their Baked Apple and Honey Wheat bagels -- yum! Plus they freeze well. Have a blessed evening!

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