December 21, 2007
Christmas Countdown -- 5 Days!!

It's been a very busy few weeks -- late, long nights and days and appointments.

I am excited about Christmas -- but honestly I am a little sad not to have my mom here doing her special birthday things for me.

I am so thankful that Ashley and Trish are home! God truly does know the desires of ours heart. I have been following her story and am so very happy for them.

Tomorrow we host a breakfast for my husband's mail carriers at his post office. Thankfully my daughter has volunteered to help a bit! It will be his way of saying thanks and that he appreciates how much they work for him. On the menu will be (2) large egg casseroles, Western and bacon, sausage gravy and biscuits, danishes, muffins and fruit salad. Juice and coffee to drink. Sounds okay? (I hope and pray my casseroles end up coming out good!!)

I hope to finish up the last of the Christmas odds and ends (piddly stuff), bake cookies and treats, and Christmas Carolling in the evening. (Add in between house cleaning and laundry!!)

Pray for our little Mini -- her back leg seems to be hurt, its not broke but she cries if you touch her the wrong way and she is favoring it A LOT. She will put weight on it but not all the time. We wondered if she dislocated it or sprained it? She jumps around like a crazy girl and runs like the wind. -- Since she wasn't fed by her mom do you think that affected her bones? Can we give her calcium to help strengthen them? Any idea????

Off to take Josh to the doctor -- and hit the house running to get things done ... I plan on posting some of our traditions in the next few days. We are not travelling for the holidays so will be home. Snow is expected on the horizon so we may have white Christmas!!



Yes, you can give Mini calcium. Go to they have vitamins and such at wonderful prices. Just hope i gave you the right addy! LOL!

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