December 21, 2007
Christmas Countdown -- 3 More Days!


Whew! This day flew -- and the snow is still falling! Lots of snow drifts this evening -- but our morning started about 438 am! We had the breakfast for my husband's carriers this morning -- I put the egg casseroles in at 5 am (our oven takes FOREVER to preheat!) and "thought" they would be done in an hour ... that so did NOT happen. We were to be there set up by 7am.

I left the house at 638am and its a 45 minute drive -- so a couple of carriers were waiting. Sarai and Stephen came to help and thankfully since the gravy was hot they could dig right in. I enjoyed it -- they were so kind -- but they do a good job for my husband, and honestly they don't do that for every supervisor. He was moved right before Christmas in 2005 -- detailed to help at another station and was gone for over a year! They wanted him back -- I was chatting with some and they said he better not be leaving again. We gave them bags of candy (from CVS deals, of course!) and a tag which told them we were thankful for all they do.

I enjoyed showing our appreciation for them -- I wanted them to know we really are thankful for them and perhaps leave a testimony by our actions. It ended up being a wet, cold, windy, snowy day to deliver mail -- but they still trudged on. We always give our mail carrier -- a small gift because we have been on the both sides of the fence, when my husband delivered mail and now that he is a supervisor.


On ward to Christmas preparations, by 1015 when I left the rain and sleet has started -- I stopped at Target to take advantage of the Huggies coupons and the Post it Note coupons. I also found my brother one of those water pots since he coveted mine when he lived with us. LOL!

A successful trip -- although walking and driving was slick. Next stop was CVS to take advantage of a couple of deals they had this week. I ended up with a couple of Christmas gifts completed, batteries, Tressemme hair products, Johnson & Johnson baby stuff, razors, nuts, cough drops, and candy.. After that the snow was cming down in full force so I headed home.


A whirlwind baking spree began -- toffee crackers, (made with graham crackers, not saltines) soft chocolate chip cookies, Soft Molasses Cookies for a brother at church, and Winkler Sugar Cookie dough to chil over night. I will make those tomorrow.


One of the things we do at Christmas -- is go to Chinese Food on Christmas Eve, we started this when my mom celebrated with us -- and of course we open one gift on Christmas Eve -- when the kids were little it was always jammers, but now that they are older they can pick one out of a few that we choose. I still get them jammers for Christmas, now for the boys its sleep pants and a robe for Sarai this year. I'll share some strange things we do but are not total creatures of habit.

Health Thanks!

I start phsyical therapy the day after Christmas -- he said my elbow is doing well but we are looking at months before I have no pain. {sigh} If I make progress with PT then I won't need a brace, if I don't -- I "GET" to wear a brace and he did warn its uncomfortable.

I did take Mini to the vet -- he said it was a nerve problem --( am NOT accepting that!!) no broken bones or dislocations. She was given steroids to take the swelling down to see if that was the cause.

May I ask for a quick prayer for Josh?? -- he has a growth on his nose (yes, of all places!) its red and ugly. We saw his primary doctor but she referred him out. We go on the 31st.

Its cold and snowy -- and I promise some photos of our home tomorrow -- the snow makes it so pretty!

P.S. Husband ended up in a ditch on the way home -- not far -- we had to go get him but the truck is still there. We are praying no damage to it, but are thankful there was no damages to the hub!!!



Glad hubby had no damages! LOL! And we will pray for little Mini sweetie Moo on her leg and of course we must, must pray for that elbow of yours. i am believing God will take care of it!
Merry Christmas dear heart!

Oh golly I forgot about Josh! Sorry! i am praying for him too!

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