December 21, 2007
Christmas Countdown -- 2 More Days!

I guess it really 2 more days until Christmas! (its 5pm so less than that!) And officially 49 hours until I turn 42 yo.
My mom had a huge family and she was one of the youngest -- they have all gone on except my Aunt Helena and Uncle Ski. We had H.U.G.E. celebrations growing up -- I really MISS that. If Christmas wasn't such a family event, I would have a house full. In some ways, I can't wait until my children have children so we can have those big house full celebrations.
I grew up with Italian food on Christmas -- no turkey or hams -- Lasagna! My husband and kids chose lasagna this year as well, so early tomorrow morning I plan on putting it together so all I have to do it pop it in the oven. Garlic bread and salad should round out the meal just fine. We normally eat about one -- and later in the evening we snack on an Antipasto tray and cookies. We might have birthday cake and we may not -- all depends on the family. LOL! I do not bake my own, I could just as soon do without.
Antipasto was a favorite growing up and my kids love it too -- ham, salami, pepperoni, turkey slices, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, carrots, celery sticks, black and green olives, roasted red peppers, crackers and/or crunchy italian bread slices. Yum!!!
We have about 6 inches -- the sun shone today hopefully melting most of the snow packed roads. We have church service this evening, aside from Stephen and I -- the rest of the family works tomorrow so that changes our Chinese food evening meal. {sigh}
All the gifts are wrapped and the kids want a scavenger hunt on Christmas .. more to come!!
google won't let me share photos, but I will try tonight.



Merry Christmas sweetheart! I am so very thankful God saw fit to bring us together. You are a warm, bright spot in my life and I treasure your friendship!

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