January 10, 2008
Thankful Thursday - the goodness of God
It's turned out to be a pretty busy day at work -- filled with "projects" delegated to me -- of course they ask "Is this done?" or "Is this done?" -- Kind of impossible when you have me doing extra project. i.e. their job! LOL!

Taking a 5 minute break to clear my brain -- I uploaded a couple of photos this morning before I left the house -- I need to add photos!

Just wanted to thank the Lord for His goodness and grace -- so much has been taught on prayer lately from the pulpit -- my husband and I took over Children's Church and I spoke on prayer as well, it was what the Lord impressed upon my heart.

I don't want to "need" a reason to pray, I just want a "desire" to pray.

We've been sick around here but the Lord has been faithful and I thank Him for keeping His hand of protection upon us. Its gone from freezing to 50 degree weather with the sun shining to huge snowflakes falling from the sky.

Years ago we bought my husband an ice cream bowl, I believe from Target and about a year or two ago one of the boys broke it by accident and we tried to find an exact replacement, without success. Last fall during a meandering trip through Goodwill -- to our surprise -- we found the exact one. It didn't even look like it had been used -- for the whopping price of $1.48, we snatched it up and added it to his Christmas pile.

On Christmas morning, he sure was surprised to open the package and see his bowl. Ya know -- we had found a different bowl that he has been using -- but now he is "officially' back to his favorite bowl. He uses this for cereal and ice cream. I consider that a small blessing from the Lord.

And this of course is my most favorite littlest person in the entire world. Her mom gave me this -- Pooh or course is another favorite and Piglet too!
Just wanted to thank the Lord today for answered prayers, future prayers that He has yet to answer and showing us the direction He desires to take for our lives! He is so very good to us!

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I am glad he has his favorite bowl back! I have a similar story. i had a couple ceramic kitties. a mom and her baby. the mom was bending down to kiss her baby as he was reaching up to kiss her. I love that! We, someone stole it from storage when we were moving. Being an old set I figured that was the end of that. It made me sad. Imagine my surprise when we walked into a friends flea market and there was another pair of kitties! Jack insisted I buy them and bring them home. And you know what? they are actually in better shape than the original! Isn't God awesome? He gives us back better than what we lost!

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