January 19, 2008
Its still winter around here!
It is still pretty chilly around the home front -- this morning we woke up and the temperature was 5 degrees. Chilly Willy!! Since we heat with wood, on mornings like these it sure is a struggle to get out of bed. It's just plain cold out!!

Thursday morning we woke up to more snow -- and we had a 2 hour delay before I had to be at work. I have decided they do that just so they don't have to pay overtime to those employees who have to plow the streets on post and shovel the sidewalks and parking lots. Instead they would rather pay the 99.9% other employees for 2 hours that they aren't at work. How silly -- but its probably pretty close to the truth.

As I went outside to start warming up my car -- I found this ...

A freshly shovelled walk to my car !!

I know he is pressed for time himself in the mornings, as he feeds ALL the animals before he leaves for work. I know he doesn't not want me to fall again -- when you are married you kind of feel the other's pain. {wink} He usually makes our bed every morning -- but not on this morning, I was still in it!! It took a while to "defrost" my car.

He is speaking at a church in the city tomorrow morning, so please remember him in prayer, that God's will be done. Lots going on for a Sunday. We will have some visitors at service in the evening as well.

Josh was all covered and Mini (a.k.a. Ms. Nosey) had to check him out ... she managed to stick her nose in the nose hole just so she could give him a lick. Yuck!

I accomplished a lot of errands today -- this week we were out of many of our basic staples -- dog food, cat food, milk, cereal, sugar, flour, mayo, ketchup, cheese and vacuum bags. I doubt I could ever have a $35 a week grocery budget like Crystal does -- but I do know that I have saved quite a bit of money going to CVS -- so maybe there is hope for us yet!

Melinda's new grand baby Myra went home this past week -- and she made it over the 5 lb mark before she was released. She even shared some photos of the little mite. They change so quickly. She will be running before you know it.



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