February 2, 2008
Cars, Teeth and Sunshine!

It went from 7 degrees this week -- with an almost blizzard looking day to 45 degrees today. It is so true about Kansas when they say " If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it'll change"

My car ... I guess this would be considered good news?? I did not have to use the warranty! The bad news it was all OUT OF POCKET. {sigh} After the rental car, the towing and the repair -- the damage was a minor $655.02. [deep breath} Apparently when my husband brought it to get the oil changed -- or it could have possibly been the at the oil change prior (both with the same company) -- the dealer stated that the transmission filter was crushed for removal --- but someone screwed it back in. Well -- that doesn't work, not when you crushed it with a wrench to remove it. So all the tranny fluid was leaking out when I was driving from the movement. I wish they had TOLD us about the mistake -- but they didn't. We are now in the process of trying to get them to cover the bills for this. That is quite a bit of money -- and it would have cost maybe $185 had they mentioned their ... uh mistake. The transmission filter was $185! The service manager said they never replace it -- even during flushes. {deep breath} I have my car back and a huge bill to pay off in 30 days. Help me pray they take care of this before the due date without any drama. That they just send me the check and call it done is my hope.

I had a major toothache on Thursday night -- I am a total wimp when my teeth hurt. My hub's dentist thankfully saw me on Friday at noon -- I have a huge infection and am now on antibiotics. More dental work to follow -- that we are thankful hub's job offered dental insurance for the FIRST time this year and we signed up is an understatement. I only had to pay the $10 co-pay for the medicine. How awesome is that? Plus -- since I put hub's name as a referral they gave a $50 credit to his account. {grin}

Sunny day today ... Josh working and Stephen had a forensic tournament. Who would have ever thought he would love to recite and do prose in front of people. He does a great job of changing his voice for the parts ... he ended up with a cold on Thursday and was still stuffed up for today but received an amazing job from one of the judges. Scores were pretty good.

The days are staying lighter longer in Kansas -- and I am looking forward to spring. I plan on a bigger garden this year - and will do another Square Foot garden. We have 4 boxes built -- and I know what to improve. I am hoping to freeze some of it -- nice healthy organic veggies!
I need to start the seeds in those little containers ... but have yet to get to Wa-Mart. I do try not to make extra trips due to gas prices but Wal-Mart is across from our church so Sunday will find us there.

Week's agenda -- Lots of errands -- Ortho doctor on Monday, laser surgery on the eye Tuesday, church Wednesday and PT (finally) on Thursday. She has a new brace for my arm -- but due to scheduling I have not been able to see her. After the moist heat and therapy -- my arm does great -- it just needs to STAY that extended!!

Do you ever have those days you just want to stay home and let the world slow down? That is where I am right now. Have a blessed Lord's Day!!
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Goodness what a week! ouch on the tooth AND the car!

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